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Zane's RP Take 2

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Zane's RP Take 2
Zane Truesdale

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
As May patiently heals slowly and catches her breath she can hear voices of those that were in that ragtag group albeit they were really faint.

Rena's bullets get absorbed by the dango which now begin to head towards the three of them it was 10 dango versus the three of them and as they approached Ezra, Rena and Luc noticed blood on the dango and it was fresh but they also note the dango have a fairly basic movement and are not too fast. Luc could compare them to zombies and so could Rena in the simplicity of their movements.

Edwardo tries his speech on the corpse that was on top of him ignoring Yuu who had revived him so she writes a new note saying why are you talking to a corpse, I have revived an idiot. With that she still shows no emotion but writes another note saying now where are the others and I hope they are more sane the you and with that she hands Edwardo a pink chainsaw and a note with an incantation telling him to say those lines before moving forward.

May has healed a little and caught back some breath she can also faintly hear the others save for Edwardo and she heard gunshots
Rena's bullets were absorbed
Rena, Ezra and Luc see blood on the dango, fresh blood
Rena and Luc can see the dango are stereo-typical zombie-like in their simplicity
Edwardo has been called insane and such by Yuu due to him believing the dead girl revived him - The approaching girl Yuu revived him not the crazed servant...
Yuu has handed Edwardo a pink chainsaw with an incantation to say

Remember I punish with insanity and also have fun
"My world and reality are what I make of it, the only truths that matter are my own..."
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Darth Tallis
Van Fanel

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Rena's bullets only get absorbed by the gelatinous, bouncing, lotto balls. They then proceed to approach them. Rather slowly. So slowly in fact, Rena had more than enough time to reload her guns. Which gave her more than enough time to note the blood on them. The Black Rose Shooter's blood, perhaps? Rena hoped not. It would be a real shame for such a scrumptious dish to have so much as a scratch. Of course, such a circumstance would give Rena an opportunity to show her... Healing nature. Rena grins. Her grin widens when she realises that not only are these things slow, their movements are pretty basic. Almost zombie like. Rena lowers her guns.

Well, no sense in wasting bullets if they're not going to hurt them. Besides...

Rena starts to walk forward with a lot more confidence.

I've handled things much bouncier than these.

Rena winks at Ezra and walks past the the living jelly blobs.

ACTION: Walks past the dangos.
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Koyomi Mizuhara

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Ezra returned Rena's wink with a blank stare.

"Right then."

So Rena's weapons were absorbed by the dumplings. It was unusual, to say the least, that these dumplings would most likely eat you instead of you eating them. Ezra sighed as the dango began their slow crawl towards them. "Really? I have to fight killer dumplings? Seriously, my day keep getting more and more weirder."

But then Ezra saw the glint of fresh blood on the dangos. The girl from earlier, the odd one, she must've come by here. Meaning that was her blood. Did she die? No, that couldn't be it, could it? Distraught over the possibility that the girl was dead, possibly eaten by the dangos, Ezra clutched the hilt of her sword tighter.

"I wonder how they like the taste of cold metal cutting through them."

Then rushed forward, sword in hand, to cleave away the dumplings.

Action: Rushed the dangos to cut them down
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The Tragic Man
Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
It appeared the dango were attacking, however they moved at such a slow speed, Luc felt he escape purely by walking briskly. The problem with that was that Luc's group's destination was the other side of the dango.

Luc did the only thing he could - he strode through the dango, stabbing them with his blades and flinging them away.

Gyeh. What annoying creatures.

ACTION: Luc is making his way through the group of dangos.
Nullus Anxietas
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