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Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure

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Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
ACF - Angry Cannon Fodder is gonna have to kill some one and keep on coming muhahahaha Jester.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Crap. It's been a year since I last posted on my 3 fan fics. I'll do an ep next week. Most likely tuesday. I haven't gotten back to my fan fics due to working with a skeleton roster for the last 2 + years. This of course has taken its toll on my creative side of things.

So next week, look forward to read the latest chapter of this.

Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leatherclad Adventure
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

Joined: 08 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Ep 5 will hopefully be up tomorrow. If not, then it will be up by Sunday night. I'll do my best for tomorrow night though.

It will be titled - There Can Only Be One -

If you've watched Highlander and the Pokemon series, then beware. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

Joined: 08 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
The time has finally arrived for Part 5.

So sit back and relax.

Warning - Some disturbing scenes and vulgarity involved

Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure Part 5

There Can Be Only One

After leaving the castle where the charchoaled remains of ~Raven~, Dave and Pen Pen lay, the determined adventurers start looking for Peorths unmistakable stench. All they find however is a hastily destroyed campsite that in-advertently destroyed several thousand acres of forest and 2 villages.

They sit down and after some colourfull curses start making camp.

Tallis : They've f*cking got away again. I can't believe this s*it. It make me feel that we've been here forever.

Fonzie : I know what you mean. This fire is at least 2 years old.

Tallis : 2 years. You're f*cking me up the arse right?
(disbelief in voice and face)

Papa Smurf : Fonzie is right. It means that the whole lot of us had one of those "frozen in time" features added.

Tallis : So God went to f*cking sleep. Trust my luck. I finally killed that rabid penguin Pen Pen and we get frozen in time. I wouldn’t be surprised if I smelled like a cesspool at the moment..

They all start sniffing their armpits and nearly died from the smell. They quickly stripped and raced into a nearby stream to wash both their clothes and themselves. With the foul smelling sludge washed from their bodies and clothes, they walk back to the old campsite cold and miserable.

Tallis : All the forest has been burned to the ground. There doesn't look to be much burnable wood left anywhere around here. I wouldn't be suprised if that b*tch Peorth did this.

Papa Smurf : Someone did and I'd love nothing more than to ram my red smurf boot up their arses.

Fonzie : Not much of a boot there old Papa. I'll ram a bad assed juke box up their arses.

Before Tallis could add own revenge, a massive and mysterious presence is felt moving towards them.

A mist forms.

Out of the mist 2 tall people come walking out. 1 of them is carrying firewood. Fonzie, Papa Smurf and Tallis gasp before swearing.

All : F*ck me dead!!!.

Dave : If that's your pleasure, then I'm more than game. Very Happy Hiya peeps. It appears that my wanking days aren't over. It's all thanks to this dude.
(nods head in the direction of the guy with him)

A suave looking swordsman looks at all the assembled with a mischevious look on his face.

Wintermist : Bow before your God.
(says in a powerfull and mocking voice)

Tallis : F*ck off you pretty boy, egomaniac. I'm not bowing to anyone. If you're God, then I'm the Devil.

Wintermist : You were the devil once Tallis, but you lost 999 times in a row at the poker table and thus became the way you are.

Tallis : I did not f*cking lose. You cheated you bastard.
(thinks of what he just said and starts swearing as his lost memories are restored)

Fonzie : What's the meaning of Tallis?. I thought you were created by Ozzie?.

Tallis : I remember now. I was known as Satan, before I lost the poker challenge over who was gonna rule the Earth. It appears that I lost my memories as well.

Wintermist : Yep. I was gonna call you Natasha since that's Ah Satan backwards, but I went to sleep for a couple of years. The fire here has been going back and forth quite a few times. The land here is still in reasonable knick.
(gives everyone a pleased look)

Papa Smurf : Maybe I'll sound stupid saying this, but what about Tallis' current form?. How did he come back while you were sleeping?.

Wintermist : Well he is the Devil.
Let's see.... I did bury him a mixture of my own purified s*it and some stolen semon from Dave here. I then transmuted the whole lot in the mountain where Ozzy found you. If course he didn't know what you were. All that he know was that he had found some interesting material to work with and the rest is history. A fluke really.
(wide grin)

Tallis : That's it!!. You're DEAD!!!.

Wintermist : Now, now. Don't be like that. You can try a rematch after you hunt down Peorth and ni_jal. I don't know how they came to be doing what they're doing.

Fonzie : So someone else has interfered?.

Wintermist : Looks to be. I'll be starting an investigation as soon as I leave here.

Tallis : That means that our poker challenge has been VOIDED.

Wintermist : No it hasn't been voided.

Tallis : It has since you have admitted interference, so BLEHH!!
(sticks out tongue with a pair of minaturised naked sirens winking and gesturing to their bodies)

With a shake of his head over that remark he decides to just leave them be and with a cheery wave of his hand, he disappears in a flash of brilliant white light.

Tallis : Showy bastard. Always has been. It's because of those powers of his. Once I regain all my powers, I get him back a thousand fold.
(looks to Dave)
And now we have you with us again. ARGH!!. I'll be sleeping in the fire once I get it started. Now give me that blasted wood.
(rips wood away from Dave's arms)

Dave : You sure that you don't want to spend your sleep with daddy.
(panting in excitement)

Tallis gives him a chilly look while the others have the "here we go again" expressions on their faces.

Tallis : If I see you come within 5 metres of me, I'll do more than slice and dice willy.

Dave : Come!
Sounds like a plan.

Both Fonzie and Papa Smurf move to the other side of the fire so that Tallis is between them and Dave. After some colourfull swearing, they all fall asleep with only the noise of the fire crackling and Dave’s moans.

The morning light and the smell of roast beef woke the sleeping travellers to a site they couldn’t believe. There was a flouresent pink dress wearing Gydafud was cooking breakfast while Dave came walking back to the fire dressed as one of the 3 Musketeers. With an idiotic grin, he unsheathes the rapier at his side and swishes the air with it.

Dave : Not as good as my third leg of course, but it will do.

Tallis emerges from the fire as a hellhound , gives Dave a mischevious look before calmly walking up to him and pi$$es on his new clothes. As Dave splutters in outrage, the others crack up laughing.

Dave stalks off cursing over his now rank smelling clothes.

After eating breakfast, they start to move off on their journey. All were wondering why an obese, pink dressed transvestite bar owner was in their company. Only the extreme oddness of him and Dave talking and drinking pink vodka prevented them of saying anything. However, seeing Gydafud packing up and keeping close to Dave made Fonzie ask why he was here.

Gydafud : Good question Fonzie. Simply put, my tavern was burned to the ground several times. All the survivors bar myself went to a small ocean where they promptly became shark food. No tavern, no customers, no reason to stay. Now I want to get he bastards who was responsible.

Tallis : Wintermist was here last night. He was responsible.
(looks gleefull)
What are you gonna do to him?

Gydafud : He wasn’t responsible. It was Team Rocket.

ALL : Team Rocket!!!

With that they move off.

By the 3rd day of the journey from the castle, the 5 of them see Ash Ketchum having a Pokemon battle with another trainer. The battle of course was staged for the upcoming Pokemon movie “ I Don’t Choose You Pikachu”

Wile the Nintendo executives and producers were clapping over finishing another ep, Team Rocket and The Highlander Connor MacLeod were talking.

Highlander : You’re sure that Pikachu’s the one?

Jessie : Damn sure. We’ve fought him enough times to know that only decapatitation will kill him.

Meowth : I’m sick of that yellow electric rat Pikachu. Screw capturing him. Kill him instead Meowth.

James : And then we’ll becomes the new stars of Pokemon. In any case, we’re always in the losing end against Pikachu and those damn kids.

Jessie : It’s those damn producers and the company execs. While you kill Pikachu, we’ll kill the producers and Nintendo execs by a nice acid bath.

With Connor tired of the constant talk, he leaves them and proceeds to walk where Ash and the others were eating their lunch.

Fonzie and the others looked to each other, but Gydafud ends all potential discussion.

Gydafud : I don’t give a rats arse about the others. They can all f*cking die for all I care. I will personally roast Team Rocket and feed their remains to Reverand Fred Nile. If anyone were interfere, I’ll do the same to you and be damned with your mission.

He moves off, keeping Team Rocket in his sites as they converge on the Nintendo Execs. He watches as the execs and the creative staff, follow Team Rocket to a specially created hot springs bath. Jessie, wearing a transparent, acid proof bodysuit walks into the hotspring and motions to the watching crowd. The execs and the male staff quickly got hot over Jessie’s naked form and strip down before jumping into the bath in a race to Jessie. Jessie however jumps out and with James and Meowths help, shoves the remaining people into the bath. As the screams of the dying commence, Jessie strips out of the bodysuit and is soon seen doing it with James in full view of the soon to be dead.

Ash and the others hear the screams and look to one another. As they do so, Connor walks out into the open. Seeing Connor, they watch as he comes across, totally ignoring the rising screams.

Ash : Who the blazes are you?

Connor : I’m here for the Pikachu.
(pulls out sword)

Misty : You’re not getting Pikachu . He’s done nothing to you, so why do want Pikachu?

Ash : Hey Misty!!. That’s my line.

Connor : No wonder Team Rocket has gone loopy. Being around you guys would drive anyone insane.

Brock : I’ll have to get Officer Jenny to arrest you, if you do anything bad.
(realises what he said and starts to tremble)

Connor : This is getting us nowhere.
(face Pikachu)
As the last immortal standing in my way of the Quickening, you must lose your head. I challenge you Pikachu!!

Ash : There’s no way that Pikachu can loose.
(looks to Pikachu who looks back and nods)

Pikachu : Pika, Pikachu
(his tail turns metallic yellow as its true nature is revealed)

Before either of then could attack, a white shirted man runs out betweens them and blows his whistle.

Mr Referee : I’m Mr Referee and I’ll be your referee for this battle. The first one to lose his head is the loser.

(blows whistle)

Pikachu and Connor start moving like 2 wolves waiting for the moment to strike. Moments later, Connor lungers forward and does a downward slash. Pikachu jumps back and swings his tail to draw sparks as the tail and sword strike.

Ash : Pikachu. Electric attack Now!.

Pikachu sends out a blast of electricity at Connor, but he merely waits for it to hit him. As it does, a growl of frustration is heard. He pulls on his skin, showing that there is a transparent material covering his body.

Connor : Want to try that again?

Ash : Pikachu. Quick attack Now!.

Pikachu goes into Quick Attack mode and tries a decapitation swipe with his tail, but Connor was waiting at the ready and connects solidly with his sword. The force of the attack sends both spinning backwards over a metre.

Both attack at the same time as the clash of tail and sword brings out a multitude of sparks that in its process gives them a glowing countenance. As the battle reaches its cresendo, Psyduck, Misty’s Pokemon, starts walking towards the combatants.

Pikachu deciding that the only way to unsettle Connor was to go for the jugular, he launches a series of evasive moves that sees him land on Connors neck. The force of the attack, knocks Connor off balance as Pikachu starts chewing at his neck.

Time seems to slow as Connor grabs Pikachu by the neck with his free hand. Then all of a sudden, blood erupts as both Pikachu’s and Connors heads goes flying, while Connors unconnected hand drops to the ground with a thud.

Beside the now headless copses, a bloodied Psyduck stands with his 2 bloodied flippers now having a metallic sheen to them. He looks up.

(translation – THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!)

The sky seems to explode as the final words were said and a powerful vortex of electricity converges above Psyduck and the 2 bodies. After what seemed like eternity, the electricity hits Psyduck and he crashes to the ground.

Ash and his friends screamed as Pikachu’s head went flying, before Ash falls to the ground with Misty and May rushing to embrace him. They stare at Psyduck as Ash gives both Misty and May and feel.

Mr Referee blows his whistle.

Mr Referee : A sheer violation. This battle is now forfeited and will be replayed at a later date.

Psyduck looks at him stupidly before launching a stinging 2 flippered attack. However, just before the flipper swords could reach Mr Referee’s neck, a blade flashes in between them while a hand grabs Psyduck by the neck and tosses him away. Before Psyduck could get up however, a small yellow robot with a sword attached to his arm severs Psyducks head.

Metabee : Got him. I ROCK!!

Ikki : Sure do Metabee. However it was my hand that allowed you the finishing move.

Metabee : Whatever you say kiddo. I’m the winner of this bout.

As the outcome of the battle continues, Gydafud pulls out some foul smelling fungus from his armpits and reaches Meowth. Meowth staring at the obese, pink dressed Gydafud didn’t have time to scream as the fungus was rammed down his throat. Meowth’s face and body starts to loose its cohesion as the specially cultivated “cell” destroyers”, slowly turns him to mush. By the time Gydafud reaches Jessie and James, Meowth is nothing more than a puddle of dissolved material.

Jessie notices Gydafud and in trying to get off James, only gets her entangled even more.

Gydafud : You eat my food, you piss in my toilet and then you destroy my tavern. It’s payback time you ba$tards.

James now realising their predicament, begs for mercy while Jessie couldn’t help but moan from his movements. Gydafud strips off his clothes and gives everyone an eyefull.

Dave : Now that is one extremely FAT biarch.

Fonzie : Oh yeh. I need my juke box. Someone get me a juke box.

Tallis : I sure can use him in hell. One half of my demons will want to hump him, while the other half will run screaming in horror and hell can be pretty terrifying,

Gydafud, enjoying the shock that he has generated rams a fat arm into one of the folds of skin covering his chest. He pulls out a lump of sticky fat which he smears the hands and feet of Jessie and James. He then puts Tallis to shame by taking a putred smelling leak over their clothes. The resulting smell makes both victims gag as once again Gydafud puts an arm inside a fold near his abdomen.

He pulls out a set of chef’s knives and lovingly begins to sharpen the blades while Jessie and James start biting their tongues in fear. The site of the knives however also forces James to tell the truth.

James : We were ordered to destroy you tavern. We were only gonna rob you, but the boss told us to destroy you and in the process kill Tallis, Papa Smurf and Fonzie. Honest.
(begs with tears down his face)

Gydafud : Who ordered you to destroy my tavern?.
(thunderous voice)

James : Franky. It was Franky. He’s looking at toppling Wintermist and we’re his slaves. Please down kill me.

Jessie : Franky was pretty damn good in the sack. We went for 2 weeks without stopping for rest.
(muses out loud)

James : You whore Jessie. Once I get freed, I’m gonna kill you and Franky.

Gydafud : I’m gonna kill Franky. However I will let you kill Jessie.

With that, he pi$$es on James which acted as a glue remover and gives him a hatchet which he then puts to good use on Jessie. Her screams cut out as soon as her lower jaw gets sliced off. She dies soon after.

Meanwhile Gydafud returns to the rest of the travellers and puts on a bright yellow dress. Everyone shudders at the site.

Gydafud : I’ll be leaving you all then. I’m going after Franky. See ya!.

Tallis : Hold up Gydafud. We’re going with you. If Franky is as high ranked as James has said, then I want some bargaining chips against Wintermist. No doubt Peorth figures into this somewhere and I always wanted to take a leak in heaven, so lets do it.

The others agree and with that, they leave the area following a ray of light that leads to heaven.

Gydafud : Franky, I’m GONNA KILL YOU!!

End Part 5

Meanwhile, the grieving Ash Ketchum says a sorrowfull goodbye to Pikachu and with Misty in one arm and May in the other, heads out for Nintendo HQ so that he can take control.

Ash : Once I take control of Nintendo, you 2 will be spending your time keeping me satisfied 24/7 without clothes.

With that he’ll soon become the boss of Nintendo and Misty and May, his willing love slaves.

Brock seeing how Ash has gone, decides to kill off May’s geeky brother and with a whistle, summons every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny to him. With Brock acting liked the Pied Piper, the Joy’s and Jenny’s follow him to a secluded valley where Brocks, Jenny and Joy Love Cult is formed with Brock its only male member.

Ikki and the others take off with Mr Referee placing a benediction over Pikachu’s and Connor’s remains. He follows them.

James looks around and beholds a horror.

Pikachu’s head grows a body and once more a living Pikachu is standing up. Pikachu’s former body turns into an Ash Ketchum, while Connor’s hand turns into Misty and his body in Brock. Connor’s head, like Pikachu regrows the body until once more Connor MacLeod is alive and kicking.

Connor takes off bypassing a reforming Jessie as the new Ash starts hearing the prophesised words.

Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.

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Whinges too much

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 11:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Lawl. Nice to see you still have the touch. Keep it up Laughing
"We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound fine?" - Mirror Ash
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Chapter 6 will be up by the end of this week.

It'll be titled:

Franky And The Stairway To Heaven
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Tomorrow or tuesday at the latest for Chapter 6. Just working on the final page or so with most of it typed up already.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Whinges too much

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
End of the week turned into "next year". I am not holding my breath. Razz
"We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound fine?" - Mirror Ash
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Gydafud wrote:
End of the week turned into "next year". I am not holding my breath. Razz

Well just for you, I'll hunt it up. I had most of it done, but got sidetracked as always.

I'll have it up tonight. Just for you. Wink
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

Joined: 08 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
This took a bit longer than expected and the chapter is a lot longer than I expected as well.

Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure Part 6

Franky And The Stairway To Heaven

With the events of the Poke-slaughter still fresh in their minds, the intrepid hunters of Peorth find themselves searching for The Stairway To Heaven so that they can confront Franky. They walk through a land of fog and marshes for the next 2 days, constantly grumbling about following a fat guy and a wanker. They finally stop at the edge of a massive lake where they collapse from exhaustion and Tallis finally asks the question on Fonzies and Papa Smurf’s lips. Why are they following those 2 intruders.

Tallis : Why in f*cking blazers are you 2 leading us?. I’m the one who does the leading in this quest.

Gydafud : Well we are currently after Franky and the only way to get to him is by climbing up the stairway to heaven. To do that we need Dave as he couldn’t resist the urge to pee when Wintermist was here and now we are following his nose.

Tallis : You’ve lead us up to a f*cking big assed lake and I’m not in the mood to change shape and allow you two to get on my back.

( Dave’s face turns into that of a cry baby )

Dave : All I want is some serious, but naughty man loving.

( Starts to cry )

Gydafud : There now Dave. Here chew on some of my fat.

( Dave chews, swallows and quickly falls to sleep )

Fonzie : Well we can’t walk squat anyway, so we might as well rest up for the night.

Tallis : You go to sleep. I have something I want to do and I don’t need anyone else within sight of me when I do it.

Papa Smurf : I hope it’s not perverted Tallis.

Tallis : Just you wait and see. You’ll be soo f*cking surprised, you’ll literally sh*t yourself.

And with that, he turns into an F22 Stealth Fighter and takes off with a loud roar of jet engines.

In the morning, Tallis has returned and is sleeping with a big smile on his face. The others including Dave shudder when they see the smile and wonder what is going on inside the cockroach head of his.

Gydafud : A human body, but a cockroach head. I know that he’s supposed to be Satan, but that head of his is disturbing.

( Pulls out a couple of cockroaches nesting in the folds of the skin on his armpit and tosses them into the fire. )

Tallis : You do realise that you’re killing my cousins and though I generally despise them, blood calls to blood as they say. …. So no more killing of my cousins, otherwise I’m gonna have to kill you rather messily. Very Happy

Gydafud : You always say something like that and nothing ever happens. You’re totally full of it.

Tallis : You shall find out soon enough how deadly I really am.

He gives off such an evil smile full of malice that it takes all of Gydafuds willpower not quiver in mindless fear.

After that however a mournfull sound is heard and Gydafud turns pale. A floating body of water appears behind them.

Zorella : I’m soo lonely, I’m soo hungry.

Tallis : Don’t worry my dear Zorella, I’ll feed you nice and proper. Afterwards, I’ll give you a very, very special treat. Now just follow me and food will be coming to you soon.

With that, Dave and Gydafud leads the way around the lake nervously looking over their backs as Zorella appears to watch them with particular interest.

At the end of the day, they find themselves overlooking the city of Las Vegas and Zorella starts trying to shove the enclosed lake to all the moving tasty 2 legged meat as she once more starts moaning in hunger. Tallis quickly finds an Elvis impersonator and tosses him into the lake where Zorella quickly tears him apart. The water turns bloody and she starts to thrash with even more excitement. Gydafud and Dave quickly move further away. Tallis changing his arms into octypus tentacles grabs them by the waist and hauls them back where Papa Smurf and Fonzie are patiently waiting.

Tallis : I wouldn’t do try to escape if I were you. So how far are we from this bloody stairway?.

Papa Smurf : I thought you knew where’d it be Tallis. You were Satan after all.

Tallis : Every time I confront Wintermist, I take the direct route and not the bloody stairway.

Papa Smurf : Makes sense.

Dave sniffs the air before announcing that the Stairway to Heaven is in this city.

Fonzie : This feels like home, but the sooner we get this over and done with, the sooner I can have my harem and jukebox.

Once more Dave leads the way and after another half hour, they find themselves facing a run down looking music shop with a flashing neon sign above.

The Shop of Rock and Roll.

They enter the shop after Tallis chainsaws the locked door and starts to look around. It didn’t take long however before a lot of swearing is heard as Dave once again tries to get close to Tallis.

Tallis : F*ck off you PEON.

( realises how it sounded and groans)

Dave's eyes light up as the wording becomes clear and soon starts to pant like a dog in heat. Gydafud however pulls out some heat rub and shoves his hand down Dave's pants where he rubs in it.

Dave falls to the ground in intense agony as the effects of the Dencorub makes his willy too hot to handle.

Dave : You bastard Gydafud. Why'd you do that to me?.

(screams in agony again)

Gydafud : Because you were distracting me and Tallis from finding the Stairway To Heaven.

Dave : It's over there behind the Led Zepplin wall posters.

Everyone gives Dave a murderous look before going to the indicated posters and pulls them back. On the other side appears to be a blank wall, but after touching it Tallis's hand goes straight through it. Tallis sticks his head thru and sees The Stairway To Heaven in front of him.

Tallis : I'm gonna shove a razor up your arse.

Papa Smurf : He won't feel it while like this Tallis. I can however shove some dencorub down his throat...... I can if you and Fonzie keep his mouth open.

Tallis quickly becomes a dentist chair with full body restraints, which straps Dave in tightly. With a pair of forceps, Fonzie and Gydafud prop open Dave's mouth. Papa Smurf with a decent amount of dencorub smeared on his left hand, shoves it down Dave's throat till he gets to the section where the nasal and throat passages join.

Dave starts to gag as Papa Smurf coats the inside of Dave's mouth with the powerfull smelling and heat producing heat rub. While he’s on his knees, the rest of them walk thru the hidden portal and come to a sudden stop.

A man in black mask holds up his hand. He takes it off.

Freddie Mercury : Welcome to the Stairway of Heaven. On behalf of all those who’ve passed from this world into the next, you must stop Peorth.

The others look at him in query as Dave stumbles in the back of Tallis. Tallis for once ignores Dave.

Freddie Mercury : The “beep”, “beep”, “beep beep” cow of a woman stole my newest work that I was doing with Liszt. A mix between his Mephisto Waltz No.1 “Dance in the Village Inn” and my Bohemian Rhapsody. We were all set to jam when that “beep”, “beep” of a woman showed us her breasts and then while blinded, stole the whole lot. She even stole the baby grand piano.

Tallis : She stole a baby grand piano?. I know you’re dead and all, but do they actually exist?, and why the f*** are you still composing. You’re dead for Pete’s sake.

Freddie Mercury : Well heaven is bloody boring with no music and gay men. For some reason, God sends them to hell. Maybe he’s peeved off with me calling him a 5* wanker.

Tallis : That’s all I need. Hell to be full of male arse loving sickos. I need more harlots and young nymphomaniacs.

Papa Smurf : We better get going otherwise we’ll never catch up with her and ni_jal.

Fonzie : We will with her carrying a baby grand piano. She really must hate piano. Let’s go.

Tallis : Better not forget Zorella. The floating pond she’s in will follow me like a faithfull and playfull puppy dog. J

With that he gives off a whistle and in moments a large pond of water comes crashing thru the portal from the outside world. Zorella sees Freddie Mercury and starts moaning “ I Want to Break Free”.

As they start the climb up the never ending stairs, Ritchie Valens comes from now where with his guitar and starts to sing his hit song “ La Bamba”. Zorella hearing the music starts gyrating and soon more baby sharks are coming out which in turn quickly turns to food.

For what seemed an eternity but in reality only 10 minutes, Fonzie, Gydafud, Tallis and Papa Smurf find themselves a fair bit behind the shrinking form of Dave as he races up the stairs ignoring white winged angels, naturalists of both sexes and a floating tube of dencorub that seems to have taken a liking to Dave. They all shake their heads as they follow Dave, gratefull that they can’t hear his screams as the dencorub turns his mouth into something resembling a fire breathing dragon.

They continue to race up the stairs for another hour till they find themselves on a landing where Dave is collapsed in a tub of what looked like water, but was in reality moon shine. Zorella takes one sniff and then pulls a straw out of nowhere and starts drinking. Dave who’s too shattered to really care pulls himself out of the tub, walks up to Zorella, places his arm over her and tries to sing. Zorella ignores him.

The others start looking around when Gydafud starts swearing and everyone looks to where he’s pointing. There on what appears to be another staircase, was Peorth, ni_jal and Franky. ni_jal is seen with the pink baby grand piano strapped upside down to his back as he lurches up the stairs and Peorth fondling both guys as they disappear.

Gydafud : We’re not stopping anymore. We’re going to keep climbing these bloody stairs till we reach them.

He turns to the others with a fierce expression on his face, but when looking at Dave, goes pale in the face. They look and see Dave sitting astride Zorella as he starts shouting “Yippie Kai Ay Mother F*ckers, and Ride Em’ Cowboy”. Astride the suddenly obedient and enthusiastic Zorella, Dave proceeds to race up the stairs once more with the others in pursuit.. The dencorub and 2 elderly people follow.

They reach the top of the stairs in which they’re launched back down them when a thousand trumpets blast out their welcome music and just beyond the trumpeters a small gate set into an endless white wall with a sign in front of it saying “THE GATE OF HEAVEN”.

Everyone besides Tallis goes WTF!!!!. He looks at the gate and spits on it.

Tallis : Let’s go and get this over and done with. The longer we drag this out, the longer Hitler has to wipe out my Jewish brethren.

Fonzie : Hitler’s in charge of Hell while you’re here?.

Tallis : Yep, which why I’m taking Zorella back with me to hell once this is over and done with. She can nibble on Hitler for the next few centuries.

With him not waiting for any further questions, he walks thru the gate with the others following him. On the other side of the gate, is a man with Shirley on his name tag. The world of heaven is bright and boringly Spartan. Only a few trees line a mesmerising amount of footpaths leading from the gate

Shirley : Welcome to Heaven guys and girl. And also to you Tallis. You’re here to see the boss man right.

They all nod and he proceeds to give out a confusing and rapid set of directions. Tallis ignores Shirley and starts walking to a lighted panel set against the wall. He steps on it and looks back at the others with an evil smirk on his face.

Tallis : Beam me up Scotty!.

He disappears and the others race onto the now vacant panel and they too all scream out.

All : Beam me up Scotty!!.

They all disappear only to reappear in a luxury apartment overlooking to the Aphrodite river. There Tallis on the outside balcony, Tallis is seen trying to strangle Hawk Wintermist, but soon gives up to their astonishment. They come back inside.

Hawk : Face it Tallis, I’m Goku and you’re Vegeta and I’ll always kick your arse back to hell because I’m better than you. In any case, you haven’t caught up with Peorth and ni_jal yet by the looks of it and why is that?.

Gydafud : Because she and ni_jal have hooked up with Franky and were ahead of us on the Stairway to Heaven.

Hawk : What the …. Almost just swore then. You’re joking right?. You have to be.

Papa Smurf : We’re not joking. ni_jal was carrying Freddie Mercury’s stolen piano and he and Franky were being fondled by Peorth.

Fonzie : Do you know where she is?

Hawk : No I don’t ….. but there’s one angel who might.

He clicks his fingers and screams out in a horrifying, yet beautifull voice for lord CONAN. Lord CONAN a huge arsed angel manifests himself in front of Hawk Wintermist and bows his head.

Before Hawk can say a word, Gydafud, jumps on lord CONAN and starts tearing him limb by limb while screaming profanities. Zorella seeing a feast in front of her, begins tearing into the torn off bloody chunks that were lord CONAN. Tallis also steps in and begins a fire chant so that the rest of the angel will be consumed by the inferno.

Hawk : Gydafud!!!. Zorella!! TALLIS!!!. Stop it this instant.

They ignore him.

At the center of what was once lord CONAN was miniature version of Franky, which then grows rapidly to normal size. Zorella continues to feed on the bloody corpse but was also keeping an eye on Franky.

Franky : How the fcuk did you know I wasn’t lord CONAN?.

Gydafud : Because I AM lord CONAN.

Gydafud starts doing a flash dance in which his fatty body soon explodes and everyone begins to retch. In the place that was once Gydafud, a resplendent angel with a huge arse and a mouth full of gold teeth stands.

Franky : Eep!.

All : WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!

lord CONAN : Yes. It is I lord CONAN and you are the bastard son of Gydafud.

All : WHAT THE F***!!!!!!

Frank : Go rape yourself uncle.

Everyone else looks in stunned amazement as Franky and the former Gydafud, now lord CONAN send one barbed insult after another. Zorella getting bored with the argument whispers into Dave’s ear and he moves behind Franky without anyone realising until too late what he was about to do.

Dave : Who’s your daddy?

He pulls Franky’s pants down and then bends him over so that everyone gets a full view and then proceeds to slap Franky’s bare arse with a suddenly visible egg flip.

Dave : Bad boy, bad boy, what’cha gonna do, what’cha gonna do when your dad catches up to you.

Everyone starts pi$$ing themselves laughing as Dave continues to chant those words as he slaps Franky’s arse with an egg flip.

Franky starts screaming for mercy 5 minutes later and Dave stops, though the egg flip is raised in the air for another strike.

Franky : Stop dad, I’ll tell you everything. Just stop slapping me and I’ll do whatever you say.

Dave : Good boy son.

Dave then does a lord CONAN and changes into the chunky Gydafud. Everyone begins to shake their heads as they look at Franky, Gydafud and lord CONAN and wonder if they’ve completely gone insane. Zorella continues her eating.

Gydafud : I take it Franky that Dave is in fact impersonating you and is travelling with Peorth and ni_jal.

Franky : Dave is with them, but is impersonating ni_jal. Peorth is getting her kicks doing both of them. I don’t think she realises that they’ve switched places.

Tallis : Why would ni_jal switch places with Dave?.

Franky : Because, she’s pregnant to ni_jal and he doesn’t want to pay child support. So he changed places so that he could eventually sneak back to Betty Boo and let Dave pay eventually the child support. After all he’s the one getting all the good stuff at the moment.

Tallis : So where is Peorth now?.

Franky : On her way to your domain Tallis.

Give’s off a very big smirk.

Franky : She’s heading straight to HELL.

And with that he laughs until his stomach starts to hurt. Tallis, Gydafud and lord CONAN goes to the far side of the room. Hawk Wintermist joins them moments later

Tallis, Gydafud and lord CONAN start whispering to each other, and before long, satisfied nods are soon seen. Hawk Wintermist hearing everything, nods to a whispered question from Tallis and they break apart. They stand before Franky.

Hawk : Franky. For your deception by posing as lord CONAN, I hereby condemn you to spend eternity in HELL.

Tallis : After talking it over with your father and uncle, we three have decided that you’ll be eternally torn apart by my new friend Zorella. This punishment will for the sake of matters be carried out in HEAVEN. We can’t have you trying to bribe yourself out of this punishment.

Franky’s face turns white and starts screaming profanities, while at the same time begging for mercy as Zorella having finished off her meal approaches Franky.

Tallis : Zorella my dear. Take it slow. And when you’re finished eating him, his soul will regenerate and you can eat him once more. This is your eternally guaranteed breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy.

Zorella nods and Franky’s screams start up once more. The rest of them hop onto the glowing panel and arrive in another room.

Hawk : Let me guess, you’re heading straight to Hell Tallis.

Tallis : Yep and since Hell is my domain, she won’t be getting away like she did here.

Fonzie : You didn’t even ask Franky why she was here in the first place.

Tallis : Doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that we’re heading to Hell folks and this time we’ll catch that harlot.

Gydafud and lord CONAN look at one another and slightly shake their heads. While they all bunk down on the beds supplied by Hawk Wintermist, Tallis muses over what will happen tomorrow.

Tallis : Tomorrow. I’m finally returning home. Tomorrow.

And with that he falls to sleep.

End Part 6

This was the first time where I did the entire draft and final copy on the computer. I think I prefer the old way. At least then I could've compressed the chapter a bit or at least split it in 2 parts.

I hope that you enjoyed that chapter.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.

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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm currently deciding if I should do the final section in 2 parts. I've already pretty much decided how I'll do the epilogue section, but deciding whether to add it to ep 7 - To Hell With Peorth which is being fleshed out at present is still on the fourfront of my thoughts.

After seeing the length of ep 6, I'm a bit worried about how long the final ep will go. The epilogue however will be a good bit of fun. I think Franky will have a starring role in that section with Tallis and Papa Smurf getting more attention in ep 7.

What are your thoughts?. 1 or 2 parts.

If 2 parts, then ep 8 could be Ending & Epilogue - Peorth & Franky
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The final chapter will become 2 chapters. The first chapter will be called the following :

Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure - Part 7

Hell's Final Doorway

I'm aiming to have that chapter up by this time next week. I've been redoing several sections after not being satisfied with it and that of course alters things further on. I've decided to go back to my writing pad instead of the computer to do the draft. Somewhere between 8 & 10 pages of A4 notepad paper is being used to draft this chapter.

One thing I did add in this chapter is that a character from The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars will make an appearance. How much of an impact that character will have on the finalie, I haven't decided as of yet.

STORM LOCKED!! is also getting revived once these 2 chapters are done. My creative juices are bubbling thru my sleep deprived mind and I have no choice but to follow it.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Now that I've finished Storm Locked!, I've decided to revive & finish this fan fic.

I've found the material that I've written up for the next chapter.

I'll try to have it up tonight, but if not, will have it up tomorrow night.

I've said that before, but am really serious about this.

I think Tallis will be happy. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
As promised.

Here's the latest chapter of Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - The Leather Clad Adventure

Hells Elevator

In HEAVEN, where time is endlessly bright and sunny, specially created houses dot the landscape, so that good, dead people can sleep in blackened rooms. Face it, even when we're dead, we still have a need to sleep. And that was definitely the case for Tallis, Papa Smurf, Fonzie and Gydafud.

Sometime later ..... they wake up and make their preparations to leave.

Gydafud : I'm staying here with my brother lord CONAN and we'll keep Franky and Zorella here as well.

Tallis : Fair enough. Not having you guys around will make things easier for all of us, esp me.
(he throws up his hands in bliss)

Tallis : I'm free from Dave. No more him trying to shove his pencil up my arse..... Hold on that was you Gydafud. Get back here you fcuking poof.

Gydafud quickly moves out of his way and finds himself against the window.

Gydafud : Well times flies, I gotta go. Have a safe trip.

He quickly leaps out the window and Tallis in hot pursuit was about to follow him out the window, was blocked by Hawk Wintermist who manifests in a bright corona of light.

Hawk Wintermist : Hold it Tallis. Don't you have more pressing things to do.


Hawk WIntermist : But Tallis, he already has 3 POLITICIANS. Are you gonna give him a fourth?.

Tallis : What the fcuk. This is heaven right?.

Hawk : Yes it is and even homosexuals are allowed here. No mass orgies, but sex is allowed. Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and just recently Patrick Swayze who by the way isn't a homosexual came in through the back entrance to avoid the crowds.

Fonzie : HEAVEN is sounding like a good place to go to then. As long as I have my jukebox and a bunch of hot babes, then I'm jiving. Oh yeh!. Can't dance to Wacko Jacko and Freddie Mercury, so I need some heart pumping tunes.

Papa Smurf : You really love being the Fonz instead of an aging Henry Winkler don't you Fonz?.

Fonzie : Yeh. Damn straight. I'm free to do wanna I want any old time.

Tallis : Thanks to you guys, I'm becoming more pissed off with you than I am with Gydafud.

Papa Smurf : Well Smurf me for saying a line. Isn't it Smurfing time to Smurf along?.

Tallis thinks of a retort, but finally just picks up some gear and walks out the appartment building. The others follow as Gydafud and lord CoNAN start giving cat calls, wolf whistles and blowing kisses towards Tallis.

They head towards to gateway that leads to Purgatory and as they reach it, Tallis turns around to face Hawk Wintermist, Gydafud and lord CONAN who are further back.

Tallis : Wintermist. Tell the 2 $hit eating maggots behind you that I'll expect to see them in Hell by the time I've raped Peorth in front of Ni_jal.

Turns to Fonzie and Papa Smurf and then walks through the gate. The other 2 follow him, leaving HEAVEN and its wack jobs behind.

Once through the gate they find themselves in a very grey world. I mean grey as in grey with different shadings of grey for walls and water.

Tallis : Welcome to Purgatory. The one place that you really don't wish to be stuck in...... unless you're an accountant or a plain clothes, boring idiot.

Papa Smurf : I know a few Smurfs who would fit right in here as well as Gargamel.

Fonzie : Could leave Joanie and Chachi here for a while. Afterall, their tv show sucked eggs.

They continue walking across Purgatory until they come to a massive grey building in which they enter. As they walk along the corridors, they look inside and see pale balls linked up to machines and wonder. Tallis not saying anything during all this keeps on walking till they come to a circular room with a hole in the floor and ceiling in the center of it.

Tallis : What we've been going thru is the processing area for the souls that are balance between good and evil. Those round balls you may have noticed are the souls too stupid to be one or the other. Now this place is where the souls go to heaven or hell after they've been examined. Sink to hell or raise to heaven.

Tallis then starts walking and the others once again follow him along endless seeming grey corridors till they walk out to a yellow brick road. Tallis starts to sing.

Tallis : I'm off torture the wizard, the biggest smart arsed wizard of OZ.

Skipping down the yellow brick road like Dorothy in drag, Tallis keeps on singing the Wizard of OZ until he comes to a lefthand branch in the road. It is there that he starts running on the side road until all three of them arrive at an imposing building showing 5 demons having an orgy in moving detail on its walls.
Tallis turns to Fonzie and Papa Smurf who are mesmerised at the porn show.

Tallis : I can't use one colour for the building, so I do this instead. I prefer it like this as it makes the other incarnations a bit hot under the collar.

Fonzie : Why can't you?.

Tallis : Simply it's because of this.

Black = Death
White = Heaven
Yellow = Pestilence
Red = War
Green = Nature
Blue = Time
Cream = Fate

Tallis : There's plenty of other colours and Eros - the incarnation of love bitched about me using this, but having demons in an orgy isn't always about love. It's about getting it on for eternity. Very Happy Very Happy

Fonzie : I think Hell is sounding better than heaven now.

Papa Smurf : I agree. Smurffing Smurfett is fun, but I wouldn't mind smurffing one of those female demons of yours.

Tallis : I'll set you both up.

The door opens and a massive flame coloured dragon appears and lets out a massive roar. Tallis changes into a similar sized black dragon and then before anyone could move, headbutts the flame coloured dragon. Both dragons fall back and Tallis resumes his human form, while the other dragon changes into an older verson of Tallis.
Fonzie and Papa Smurf starts vomitting as they witness the changes and they pass out.

When they wake up, they find themselves still out front of the building laying in their own vomit.

Tallis : I'm not cleaning your mess up. You did it, you clean it up.

Tallis pauses as Papa Smurf slowly rises to his feet.

Tallis : This is my older brother Lensman. He's a Guardian and the straight arrow of the family. He has grandkids to my embarrassment.

Lensman : You're the fcukwit, dumb arse, buck shot teethed, loser of a younger brother, who to the shame of our family, became the lord of hell.

Tallis hearing this gets riled up.

Tallis : I hard no fcuking choice big brother. Mother and father were being tortured in hell thru no fault of their own. So I had no choice, but to eat Lucifer and become the new boss of hell.

Lensman starts to laugh mockingly, before he to starts shouting.

Lensman : And when you did, you lost to a stupid bet with Hawk Wintermist and found yourself trapped for frigging years on end. And on top of that, you left Hitler in charge of hell. Do you have any idea what hell looks like now?. I tell you. It looks like one gigantic concentration camp, with gas chambers and walls for executions to take place.

Tallis : You're fcuking kidding me right?

Lensman shakes his head in the negative.

Tallis : FCUK!!!. Wait till I get my hands on him. FCUK!!!

Fonzie : AHEM!!. Sorry to interupt, but are we going inside?.

Tallis : No, we're not. We're going straight to hell. I was wanting to show you the erotic pleasures of this house, but it'll have to wait. This take top priority over everything. Namely Hitler. Damn that Aryan, cur of a mongrel aggressive go-getter.

Papa Smurf : What about Peorth, Dave and ni_jal?. We're supposed to be hunting them as well.

Tallis : Since they're heading to hell, we'll get the whole fcuking lot of them and I'll castrate the lot of them.

Tallis turns to Lensman.

Tallis : Didn't you have all that trouble with the Jester Wars as it's become known?.

Lensman : It's been all wrapped with with a pink bow. Got bored and came here for some of those erotic pleasures that are found in this place. Besides, I had to come and check up on my loser brother, now didn't I?.

He sticks his tongue out at Tallis and smiles. He then gives Tallis a quick hug and steps back.

Tallis : Thanks bro. Enjoy yourself in there and we're moving on to hell.

He thinks for a moment and a smell that was noticing for a while gets irritating and he realises where it's coming from.

Tallis : Actually, I better keep sure these two get washed and their clothes burned. They reek of vomit.

With that, Tallis leads the way into the mansion and Lensman moves well out of the way. As the door closes behind them, the vomit disipates until nothing is left except the smell of flowers.

Fonzie and Papa Smurf hop in the large baths and as they wash themselves up, a large group of naked demons enter and soon the thoughts of having a bath rapidly fade into significance.

Some hrs later, a greatly diminished Papa Smurf and Fonzie leaves the baths and following another naked demon leads them to where Tallis and Lensman were talking.

Tallis : Had fun?.

Fonzie : Didn't think I'd know the meaning of having too much of a good thing. I've been thoroughly drained.

Papa Smurf : Likewise.

Tallis : Well guys it's time to get moving on. Just over there is the express elevator to hell. We'll be taking that right now.

Tallis turns to Lensman.

Tallis : Hold the fort brother. Make sure that Peorth doesn't find a way out of here if she manages to escape hell.

Lensman : Will do Tallis. Have fun down there, you bad arse LORD OF HELL!!.

Tallis : Oh yeh!. Total bad arse.

Tallis turns to Fonzie and Papa Smurf.

tallis : Let's go guys.

And with that they enter the elevator to hell.

Tallis : Next stop ...... HELL.

End Part 7
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
If I remember correctly, there's only 2 chapters left to this series. I only planned for there to be 2 more and I still remember on how I want to end it.

It'll be interesting to see what several years of not doing a series does to my writing style.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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