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Spike's Past (potential spoilers)

Spike's Past (potential spoilers)
The Anime Schoolgirl
Hajime Saitou

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 10:13 am    Post subject: Spike's Past (potential spoilers) Reply with quote
Hey ho.

I was wondering if someone here could elaborate for me on the specifics of Spike's past? I've never really been able to figure it all out properly, though I get the cyborg, Julia and syndicate parts. I don't know what order these events come in though, whether he was made a cyborg by the syndicate, or before, or who even had Julia's heart first, Spike or Vicious. Anyone care to fill me in?
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Arumi Asahina

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 2:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
As you've probably heard, it's something that is open to interpretation, we're never given a solid 'this is how it happened' type moment.



Spike was in the Red Dragon Syndicate, Vicious being his partner within it. Julia was Vicious' girlfriend. It seems that Spike met her at least once, in a pool hall (though I don't believe he knew about Vicious and her relationship)
One day, syndicate war, bang bang bang, Spike gets pretty beaten up. He hobbles around for awhile, collapses on the ground, conveniently in front of Julia's place. She nurses him back to health, and they fall in love because of it.
Spike decides hes done with the syndicate, attempts to leave and asks Julia to come with. Vicious finds out about this, and threatens to kill Julia if she leaves with Spike. However, if she kills Spike, she will be safe (and possibly free of the syndicate too).
So its all set up, one rainy day, Julia is supposed to meet Spike in the graveyard (by the graves, not in them). There she will either kill him, or leave with him.
But she doesn't go, she runs. She leaves for Calisto, the frigid ice planet. (I might be wrong there, you know, that place in Jupiter Jazz 1+2)
Spike feels all weepy and betrayed, (this is the seriously 'imo' bit), and uses violence to vent his anger. Again, he gets pretty beaten up, and he is taken to a hospital. This is when the eye surgery happens.
(This is what he refers to as the time he died, after he woke up from the surgery, he no longer feels alive.)
So, Spike is "dead," Julia is in hiding and Vicious is just about ready kill Lin to make himself feel better.

That's competely imo. That's the way I read the footage we were given, as well as the fews moments it is actually spoken about. Note that it doesn't include Annie, or Mao Yenrai. I'm sure they could be worked in there somewhere.

Anyone else want to share their interpretation?
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Minawa Andou

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 4:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I agree with Gaz's interpretation of Spike's past .I think Mao Yenrai fits in as a person high up in the Red Dragon syndicate who took Spike and Vicious in to the syndicate (maybe they were ophraned youths or something) and raised them. Well thats my thoughts anway fell free to correct me.
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