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How can I help stop DVD Piracy?

How can I help stop DVD Piracy?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:57 am    Post subject: How can I help stop DVD Piracy? Reply with quote
There has been a recent increase in these DVD sets being spotted and these are most certainly not real products but rather an illegal bootleg copy, usually imported from South East Asian countries and contain extremely bad subtitles and are of low quality. Easy signs to tell if they are real or not include:

* Region 0 or All
* Very low disc count for entire series - eg. 26 episodes on 3 DVDs
* Anything with the company logos 'FX' 'Anime Cartoon', 'AniDVD', AV (Not to be confused with our distributors the AV Channel), 'Manga Cartoon' and other companies with similar names usually linked to crime syndicates as well.
* A web based email address printed on the DVD cover such as addresses ending with or etc

Should you come across any of these products do not purchase them and if you feel this isn't right report it to the authorities or to, please include the store's name and if possible get details of the distributor, the closer we get to the source of the problem, the eaiser it is for us to stop the flow.

The Pirate Anime FAQ site also has a lot more useful information regarding these illegal bootleg DVDs as well as other knock off anime merchandise and how you can avoid them.

Alternatively you can also report it to the newly setup Anti-piracy task force. Remember the more reports that are reported the more likely something will be done about this problem. Piracy hurts the industry and you can help by spreading the word and reporting these illegitimate practices.
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