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How do I report a potential faults?

How do I report a potential faults?
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 2:18 pm    Post subject: How do I report a potential faults? Reply with quote
How do I report a faulty DVD?

If you find what appears to be a fault with your DVD, these are the guidelines to follow before sending an email to report the problem:

Please attempt to play the disc in more than one DVD player
Provide exact time on the disc where the error occurs

Make/Model of your DVD player
Age of DVD player
Have you had problems with other DVDs in that player?
When and where did you purchase your DVD?

Once you have established the above, we will forward the details to our production team and test the disc. Where possible we will release fixed discs with the next replication run.

WARNING: DO NOT POST IN A THREAD IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FACTS TO ADD TO A POTENTIAL GLITCH. It is extremely hard for us to be able to quickly resolve. Please remember that we are always working towards quickly resolving an issue for you. We are just as annoyed as you may be when a potential problem is posted.

Moderators and Adminsitrators reserve the right to alter, delete posts in this forum which are not relevant to topic or do not provide any facts to a thread. Please remember that not all problems may be as big as they seem. Most will not affect the overall enjoyment of the disc but at the same time we do appreicate the feedback and concern. We will

A reminder also that Madman staff do read these threads. However may not respond to all problems, but this does not mean that its not being looked at. DVD authoring is a complicated process and requires time in order to establish what it is that is wrong. (We can't fix things if we don't know WHY or HOW it went wrong ^_^) We ask for your paitence in this matter but we assure you that all problems will be looked at where appropriate.

We appreciate your cooperation and help in this manner.
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