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InuYasha DVD 29 & 30 September Release Info!

InuYasha DVD 29 & 30 September Release Info!
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 5:47 pm    Post subject: InuYasha DVD 29 & 30 September Release Info! Reply with quote

Includes the following episodes:
108: The Secret of the Pure Light.
109: Hidden In The Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei.
110: Enter Bankotsu, The Leader of the Band of Seven.
111: The Big Clash: Banryu versus the Wind Scar.

DVD 29 Synopsis:
Suffering from the after effects of Mukotsu's poison, Kagome, Miroku and Sango are on the brink of death. Unless Inuyasha and Shippo can find a safe place for the three to recover, his friends are sure to die. But, the prospect of finding such a safe haven, with members of the Band of Seven after them, is easier said than done. And when Renkotsu's deadly trap is sprung, will Inuyasha's companions survive?

Includes the following episodes:
112: Afloat on the Lake Surface: The Barrier of Hijiri Island.
113: The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha.
114: Koga's Solitary Battle.
115: Lured by the Black Light.

DVD 30 Synopsis:
The reappearance of Naraku leaves Inuyasha and the others with a clue about their nemesis's whereabouts. The remains of Naraku's demon puppet had a scent of flowers and water, which takes Inuyasha to Hijiri Island, a sacred place where the mummified remains of a Saint are laid to rest. On the island, Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara find their powers weakening. To make matters worse, Bankotsu is waiting there to face Inuyasha!

Release date: 6th of September 2006
Price: $24.95
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