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The "Ridiculous Movie Got Me Thinking" Thread

The "Ridiculous Movie Got Me Thinking" Thread
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:55 pm    Post subject: The "Ridiculous Movie Got Me Thinking" Thread Reply with quote
...that happens sometimes.

The movie that inspired this thread is Barbie Spy Squad. Normal Barbie movies don't usually rank high on believability (last years picks having princess superheroes, princesses with magic sceptres and a treasure hunt that led to doubloons, while the next movie has an alien with a pet named Pupcorn), but this one seriously takes the cake.

In the movie, Barbie's a gymnast who gets recruited with her friends for spy work--specifically, they have the skills needed to catch a cat burglar who's stealing gems needed for an EMP device. To do this, they're outfitted with gadgets ranging from suits with stealth modes, Batman-style utility belts, briefcases with ziplines (roll with it) and fake nails that control a virtual keyboard (don't even try asking how that is supposed to work).

However, the one gadget that got my attention is an extendable rod called the GLISS. In toy form, it's unimpressive, being a stand that enables the doll to do "flips". However, in the movie it seems to function like Monkey's Ruyi Jingu Bang. It's demonstrated to be capable of supporting human weight, to the point where it gets used as a horizontal bar (disregarding that she'd actually be training for the uneven bars, but then again the movie seems to want us to think that the girls do a floor routine to an actual song, which violates restrictions on time and music), but it's also a precision boomerang (guided by a slap bracelet). Barbie does use it as a weapon at least once (she attempts to sweep out the burglar's legs), but on the whole, these movies seem to have an aversion to Barbie using violence against baddies (the lone exception is Three Musketeers, but even that was unrealistic).

What I would like to know is: Is the GLISS a technical possibility?

Also, remember that being ridiculous doesn't necessarily make a movie bad. In fact, I have another question about how Princess Kara is able to stem the flow of a volcano at the end of Barbie in Princess Power and what subsequent effect that would have (she does it by banging the crater inwards and then guiding the lava into a nearby lake)

....I am a vampire and here's a million dollars.

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