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A fun role play game

A fun role play game
Burning-Eyes Shana

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:43 pm    Post subject: A fun role play game Reply with quote
Player: Burning-Eyes Shana

Name: Rin Dawn Kagami
Race: Enhanced Human
Occupation: Ex-Soldier – Secret Ops division
Age: Appears 14 but otherwise unknown
Height: 153.7cm
Weight: 46.2kg
Hair: Short blonde
Eyes: Emerald green
Distinguishing features: Youthful appearance, clothing looks vastly different to most others,
Personality: Acts like a 14 year old at most situations but can become quite cold and distant unknown if acting young is an act or she feels she must relive that moment in time

Main weapon style: Materialised katana – Weapon appears to be drawn from nowhere but a strange distortion appears where the weapon is drawn like the area was fragmented
Secondary weapon style: Materialised handgun – Same as the katana
Magic: Lightning and ice are her most proficient though she can use all sorts of magic to varying degrees at a very high skill level as well as her weapon materialisation and dematerialisation

STR: 85
CON: 75
MAG: 95
MAD: 70
AGI: 125

Nothing is known about this girl other than she bears a mark of an elite soldier but no person under 17 nor a female has ever been noted to receive that mark so her origins are unknown although certain high ranking officials may know of her but whether they know all the details is another matter entirely.

Player: Satsuyumi

Name: Shiki
Race: (Enhanced?) Human
Occupation: Magus hunting solider
Age: 19
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
Hair: Short brown hair just above her shoulder
Eyes: Gray
Distinguishing features: Thanks to her build, talking, hair and obvious lack of bust, Shiki is often mistaken as a man. She also a noticeable scar on her back, on the right shoulder blade, and her eyes often turn icy blue.
Personality: She comes off cold and stubborn, and something brutal with the way she talks and acts, while on the inside is no different either, so I pity whoever tries to find some good in her.
Main weapon style: Combat knife
Secondary weapon style: Katana

Magic: Anti-magic; a unique and somewhat passive ability to brush off low level spells and see magic in another human being; however this means she isn’t healed by magic or protected by it either.

STR: 55
CON: 75
MAG: 50
MAD: 100
AGI: 100

Player: Gothic_Pepsi

Name: Lance Brigtain
Race: Human/werewolf
Occupation: Huntsman
Age: 26
Height: 172/196
Weight: 68/113kg
Hair: Black, combed back/brown fur
Eyes: Green/Yellow
Distinguishing features: Covers most of his body with his clothing.
Personality: Quite, blunt and moody.
Main weapon style: Guns/Claws
Secondary weapon style: Trench knife/Mouth
Magic: NONE

STR: 50/125
CON: 50/125
MAG: 25/25
MAD: 125/25
AGI: 130/80

*image pending*

Player: The Tragic Man

Name: Meredith Ono
Race: Human
Occupation: Priestess
Age: ??
Height: 185cm
Weight: 75kg
Hair: Waist-legth honey-brown hair, stacked up in beehive
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing features: A 15cm scar beneath her right shoulderblade
Personality: She seems aloof when you first meet her, but as you get to know her, she becomes friendy. She has her moments, when it comes to beig witty.

Main weapon style: Her staff conceals a rapier-like sword, although she prefers to use magic.
Secondary weapon style: a short sword, strapped to her back.
Magic: Mainly offensive fire, with a little healing.

STR: 80
CON: 70
MAG: 85
MAD: 77
AGI: 68

*image pending*

Player: Darth Tallis

Name: Raven McLeod
Race: Human
Occupation: Wandering Drunk
Age: 38
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Hair: Spiky, Brown.
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing features: Talks to himself whenever he's not drunk. Possibly the result of DTs, but he insists there is someone with him.
Personality: Fairly laid back.
Main weapon style: Light Sword.
Secondary weapon style: Dagger.
Magic: Fire and Ice, mostly offensive

STR: 55
CON: 55
MAG: 100
MAD: 95
AGI: 75

Player: Tsubame Asakura

Name: Tsu (Tsubame)
Race: Human
Occupation: Resistance fighter
Age: 17
Height: 164.6cm
Weight: 58.1kg
Hair: Longish red hair tied and arranged as to not get in her way
Eyes: Blue grey
Distinguishing features: Wears clothing designed to allow maximum movement but as a result she is sometimes looked at due to revealing attire more so for really short skirts or pants but not limited to just them
Personality: A bit of a pervert but she always means well is willing to risk her life to save others she does have bouts where she’ll just snap and any man who tries to hit on her gets hit upon if they’re lucky with a sheathed sword

Main weapon style: Long katana + short katana
Secondary weapon style: going with only one of the above
Magic: Sword arts like causing wind vaccums or literally turning a slash into a razor blade of wind or even lightning has a wind/lightning affinity

STR: 85
CON: 55
MAG: 80
MAD: 55
AGI: 105

*image pending*
Just for whose sake am I living right now?
I am still unable to say that it's "for my own sake".
Before I become resentful of everything,
please endow me with true love...

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Burning-Eyes Shana

Joined: 15 Dec 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
SHIKI’S OPENING: The night the world came crashing down

Shiki wandered with her squad into the darker reaches of this sector of the city as she delved into the dark pits of Sector Delta’s slums she found her target some small disshevalled creature another small and hunched over creature apparently in pain again. Shiki pulls out her knife to kill the abomination but before she could squad member steps out in front placing his hand on her chest he snidely remarks.

“Naw I’ll kill it and you can have some fun later after this mission, I’ll be nice.”

With that he moves toward the abomination but before he can even draw his knife it lunges at his face grabbing on with all its might it begins to eat his face alive as the rest of the squad watches in horror Shiki braces herself sensing full well that there were more but before she could say anything more dropped down from above and her squad mates were quickly overwhelmed, Shiki being the only survivor managed to hold the creatures off but there were so many as she herself was about to be overwhelmed she hears some words spoken from a soft emotionless girl’s voice.

“Attack skill: Shatter”

With that Shiki witnesses a magic she had never witnessed and a magic she had no idea could exist at such a level nowadays since most if not all had abandoned the old magic and instead turned to a newly released item an item Shiki despised. One attack had saved Shiki such power how could it have existed but more importantly that voice sounded so young. Just then the girl steps toward Shiki, Shiki looks up wondering how and when did this girl appear how did she have an elite’s insignia and who was she but before she could speak and question the girl the girl spoke.

“Shiki you are to be terminated... Materialise: Blade V1”

That cold, soft, calm and emotionless voice said those words the girl quickly held her right arm out to the side and Shiki witnessed a strange distortion it was like some program on a computer or something with how it appeared like fragmentation but soon a katana appeared in her right hand and then she vanished as Shiki blinked. The girl was behind Shiki just about to cut her down but before she could a large explosion was heard followed with falling debris and it was enough to crush this entire sector, Shiki quickly moved away from the girl who looked ignoring Shiki and just muttered a few words.

“New parameters... understood”

With that the girl vanished but Shiki didn’t notice all she knew was the only way to survive that coming down on her head was to enter one of the companies passageways into the underground that she knew of all too well as she entered she was greeted by a surprise...

LANCE BRIGTAIN’S OPENING: Night of the bloody moon

As Lance wanders this town which was vastly different to the town of Bruithar he grew up and had so many horrid memories of as he proceeded down a path he could hear screams of terror sure it wasn’t any of his business but not long after he heard an eery noise. Lance slowly moved towards the noise he was so unsure what it was but the blood curdling screaming of a woman appeared to have stopped but then it hit him, the smell of human blood.

“Help me, my mummy... *sniff*”

Lance could also hear the voice of a small child coming from where the scent of blood was but was the child like him, no there was something else there. Lance moves forward wondering if this was what Vince had asked him to investigate before disappearing as Lance arrives on the scene he sees a dead woman probably no older than 23 with her body mangled and an empty stomach cavity but as he quickly regained his senses he spots the child in the corner and a strange creature proceeding towards the child. Without a second thought Lance quickly drew a handgun and fired at the creature hitting it in its shoulder the thing turns to face Lance and quickly charges him, Lance dodges the initial charge and fires again at the creature this time missing but as he jumps back to keep some distance from himself and that thing he hears a scream from the child and a disgusting noise of blood and bone being torn like they were nothing.
He turns to face the child to witness a now lifeless body soaked in blood being held by a huge beast, Lance knew he couldn’t fight that on equal footing as is and so began to change into his werewolf state. He was able to quickly dispatch the smaller creature but upon attempting on the larger wall crawling creature he was quickly getting pummelled and was fighting a losing battle as he got up from the latest attack he picked up a strange scent of a girl but also heard some words clear as day.

“Two targets confirmed proceeding to neutralise... Materialise: Firearm V1”

With that he quickly hears a shot and witnesses a hole formed in the beasts arm as if the girl was warning the creature or was a horrible shot, Lance was confused and injured although not seriously it did take a bit of a toll on his body. Lance just continues to watch dumbfounded by the sheer skill and ability such a young girl is showing especially with her physique until finally he witnesses her standing on the creatures shoulder and fires straight into the beasts head but then she looks over at Lance with her gun drawn.

“Terminate irregularity...”

She quickly jumps up Lance was watching unsure how to respond but as she lands behind Lance an explosion is heard and seen from above with that Lance takes his opportunity to flee while she appeared shocked at the explosion. He runs forward where he had spotted a steel grate and quickly jumps down upon landing he reverts to his human form and walks down the strange pathway for about 10 minutes until he finally sees...

MEREDITH ONO’S OPENING: Priestess within a steel hell

Meredith was passing through Sector Delta to reach an important location in her pilgrimage she had set out to do while hearing rumours of monsters that have become more frequent. As she moves along she witnesses the darkness that was looming over this area but was unknowing of the true dangers that existed in this town as she proceeds forward she saw something trail off into the shadows, she follows but is shocked at what she witnesses.

“Forbidden skill: Divide...”

She watches a young girl possibly 14 years of age create five copies of her each was flawless but while Meredith watched she heard a little bit more.

“Mission is to purge the failing squad, bring the squad captain to justice or terminate her on sight, destroy any Metra failures on sight, retrieve that wandering mage, capture and destroy any who oppose the company and finally complete the parameters of the purging operation.”

With that the copies all disappeared in a strange distortion, Meredith having heard and seen this was dumbfounded at what some of that could mean. Meredith tries to continue on but as she walked away from there, Meredith heard that same cold, calm, emotionless and soft voice call out to her but it sounded more filled with life this time.

“Heya lady!”

With that Meredith turned and noticed it was that same girl, Meredith froze in her tracks she wanted to keep moving but she was too afraid to and with that the girl looking innocent stared at Meredith’s shocked face mere centimetres was the distance now. The girl gave face that signified she knew what Meredith knew a devilish look it remained innocent to those around but Meredith sensed more coming from this girl but out of fear could do nothing and that was when the girl decided to speak.

“You do know it is wrong to peek on a young girl, riiight? Oh well I’ll forgive you this once and I’ll even tell you a secret but you have to follow me, kay?”

With that Meredith followed the girl into a strange corridor that was well hidden and only someone who knew of it could’ve found it as they progressed through the dimly lit tunnel the girl stopped and turned around.

“Now I’ll tell you, your safe but everybody else is going to be crushed their hopes and dreams as well as their lives. They really should’ve just been good boys and girls and done what they were told so you’re lucky I saved you and it seems it has begun... we better hurry up or blood may drip down and I can’t have these dirtied by commoner’s blood...”

With that they moved forward before bumping into someone...

RAVEN MCLEOD’S OPENING: Another round and is the world shaking *hic*

Raven was spending his time at the cheapest bar not having a care in the world sure most people avoided him due to how intoxicated he appeared to be. Just drinking to pass the time as well as telling stories of him being a great mage which all in the bar dismissed and didn’t care too much for all thanks to the newest item out and readily available to those with the money, Metra was what it was called. While he is being ignored and labelled a liar a young girl walks into the bar but before the bar tender could yell he ducked for cover noticing she had a firearm. People quickly scrambled for the door but the girl didn’t flinch she proceeded towards the bar quickly aiming the gun out towards the backroom the bartender quickly noticing gets up and yells.


With that the girl doesn’t flinch she now presses the barrel at the guys chest.

“Attack skill: pierce...”

With that she pulls the trigger killing the bartender and the slowly mutating woman in the other room hidden in the shadows nobody knew or cared of her fate but this was the most suitable outcome. She now turns her attention to the drunken mage after a quick once over she decides to act differently.

“Hey are you that mage? If you are come with me, kay I have a surprise for you.”

With that she winks at him grabs two bottles of heavy booze and nudges him to follow her as he stumbles to do so they continue along while getting some looks and with that she says one thing to Raven.

“Touch me and I’ll break each finger, kay and we’re almost there now.”

With that they both arrive in an alley which to most people would’ve had some dirty thoughts with a young girl, booze and an alley but she opens a path way up hand the booze to Raven and just as an explosion happens she gives him a swift boot pushing him through.

“You have to live ok? I’ll be ok, bye for now...”

She says just as the ground shakes making Raven stumble as he can only imagine what was going on in his drunken state, the girl fades away in a digital distortion as rubble comes crashing down. Raven stumbles down the pathway he hears movement ahead and not knowing what he’d see he notices...

TSU’S OPENING: The perverted Samurai girl

Tsu having been tricked to join this strange rebellion against the companies as the people promised to help her understand her feelings and unknown urges. As the group began to move in towards their intended target Tsu heard a noise and as she turned around watched as a female ally quickly got her head crushed by a very strange creature’s hand but quickly the whole area was filled with the sounds of screams, howls, gunfire, the clash of steel along with the smell of blood, smoke and gunfire.
Tsu tries to make her way closer to the complex she was told to ignore casualties and complete the mission above all else even with the screams and death surrounding her she fought her way towards the building only to notice it was in lockdown. She peers through the glass of the door and notices they were being slaughtered inside as well she quickly slashes at the steel barriers followed by the glass and charges in as she proceeds up towards the office that her target was in she fought and slayed many monsters.
Tsu was shocked she thought these monsters only existed outside the city but here they were what was this false peace, too large a group for the usual guards or was it something more. In either case she kept climbing up the stairs killing all in her path while outside a young girl walks into the bloodbath quickly freezing all within that contained warzone monster, civilian, soldier, security and rebel none were safe from being encased in absolute zero ice quickly spreading to 10inches thick on each living target as well as freezing all bodily fluids of those very creatures to ensure death.
Tsu arrives at the target location kicks the door open but realises she was too late the target was being eaten by something that appeared to be dressed in a typical secretary’s outfit, Tsu rushes the creature and quickly cuts it in two but as she turns around she spots a young girl standing before her.

“This place isn’t safe...”

The girl says as she turns to walk down the stairs Tsu quickly follows knowing full well the girl wasn’t lying about the dangers as she catches up she notices the girl is going a somewhat peculiar path it seemed like she knew her way around so Tsu followed until the girl turned around.

“Here you can go through here, I’ll follow you soon I have to find someone...”

With that she quickly appears behind and pushes her through the door shutting it behind her before she herself faded and before the explosion happens but Tsu goes through deeper into the tunnel it takes her a few minutes but she is surprised when...

The girl/Rin is standing before all characters again even after their initial meetings
Shiki realises Rin is an elite by her insignia but knows that in all official records there has never been a young or female elite
All characters are a little worn out due to their encounters
Rin and Meredith are standing just before a crossroads a left path and a right path

~Ok that is the opening which I decided to cut a little short due to length but I’ll be modding every second or third day but I will also do speech/replies for Rin to keep the story moving and be careful death is an uncertainty. Please note brown is for general NPC characters and fuchsia is used for Rin's speech so please do not use those colours, thank you.~
Just for whose sake am I living right now?
I am still unable to say that it's "for my own sake".
Before I become resentful of everything,
please endow me with true love...
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Darth Tallis
Van Fanel

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Raven has no clue what the hell is going. First there's a loud bang, then a lot of running, then more loud bang which has put Raven on his drunken arse. Had there been a little girl just now?

I'm sorry *hic* sweeeeety. I don't *hic* go for someone *hic* yrrr age...

He looks around, noticing no little girl, but a couple of bottles of grog. The good stuff, too. Raven hums a ditty, a rummie's grin on his face, as he staggers to his feet. He yanks the cork out of one of the bottles with his teeth and spits it out, downing the brown nectar. Mana of the gods. Mother's milk. Good stuff. Even as he staggers and things look hazy, he could still make out movement. Well, whoever they are, this is his booze, and he ain't sharing.
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The Tragic Man
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Meredit Ono was trudging along, through an unsavory district, when whe sa w grl drop down and spawn duplicates. She spoke what sounded like gibberish, before disappearing.

Meredith made to continue on, but a voice called out to her. She turned and saw the girl again. The girl got right up to Meredith's face with a wicked grin, and told Meredith she'd tell her a secret if Meredith followed her.

Meredith, curious, cautiously followed the gil into a grate that she hadn't noticed. It led to a warren of tunnels, which hopefully the girl could naivgate. The mystery girl turned to Meredith and gave an apocalyptic spiel. That girl really wasn't making a new friend here.

They soon reached an intersection, with paths leading left and right. Now what?

Nullus Anxietas
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Kenji Harima

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Landing firmly in a sewer tunnel, I begin to change back into human form. I could never get fully used to the change, it was like getting my body turned inside out, without the pain. It was certainly an odd feeling. Flexing out my back and neck, I head down the dark tunnel. I wonder if Vince knew about this woman? She didn't seem to be welcome in this land, as if she had traveled from some unknown continent and had started hunting down anything that wasn't totally human.

Letting out a sigh, I continue on down this stony access, there should be a way out just ahead, hopefully that woman wasn't waiting for me. She was all kind of creepy. Looking up I spot some shapes, too dark to make out, but even still. As quietly as I could, I begin to transform once more, my werewolf eye's were better in the dark, while still not perfect, they certainly made things easier.

Pressing onwards, I could pick up the scent of humans, and a strange aroma emanating from the both of them. Like some kind of... perfume. They smelt so tasty... Repressing that thought, I focused once more on what it was that I was looking at. Three figures, all of whom female. My curiosity was greatly spiked, what the hell would three women be doing down in this access tunnel? Maybe, some sort of woman cult? Either way, I decided I would follow them, Nothing more than sticking to the shadows. If this was some weird cult I had stumbled upon, I am sure Vince would be glad at some of the things I could come back with.

A great man once said "Quoting is the easiest and most effective way to appear intelligent.".
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Koyomi Mizuhara

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
For a second, Shiki sat in the dark tunnel and collected her scattered thoughts. The day had started nicely for her with the death of some foul and lowly magic user as it always did, then a lunch break, then onto the slums as per her squads orders to take out some random creature that was lurking around there. And then in a few short minutes, Shiki's squad was overrun and eaten, with her almost ending up in the same situation. Almost though. "Would it not have been for that girl, I would've ended up like everyone else." Shiki sighed, and brushed the rubble and dirt out of her hair. The appearance of that girl was what saved her, but then again, she was just another problem.

"An elite, huh." Shiki muttered to herself.

She had used magic, real magic, and decimated the creatures in front of Shiki's eyes, but then turned on her like she was some creature to be eliminated. Luckily, Shiki's ass was saved by some explosion happened overhead, and in the ensuing chaos, the girl was lost and somehow Shiki had happened into one of the company's underground passageways.

Shiki stood, and took a little time to stretch out, before turning her attention to where she was now. It was dark, but she could make out random pieces of rubble, no doubt from the explosion from earlier. Squinting in the dark, Shiki could make out at least two figures and slowly their features became more defined until she could tell at least one of them was the same girl who had attacked her.

Shiki's arm instantly went for her knife when she saw the girl. Slowly, she started to make her way over to her and the other women she was with until she stop a little way away from them both.

"Halt! Identify yourselves now, this place is not safe."

Shiki did not want to take any chances with the two in front of her, and if she saw one hint of magic from either of them, she would cut them down.

I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.
Though my soul may set in darkness,
It will rise in perfect light
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