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User Registrations

User Registrations
resonance cascade

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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 10:41 pm    Post subject: User Registrations Reply with quote
As some of you might be aware, the Madboards have recently been subject ot an assault by very persistent spambots, cluttering up our forums with links to harmful sites and other objectionable material.

As a result, and given the reasonably small ebb and flow of the Madboards population, the administration has decided best way to maintain our all-ages friendly community is to subject all registrations to a manual approval process.

The reason for this announcement is to ensure our users we're doing everything we can for them, and to let new users know we're not discriminating against them in any way. Sometimes there are a lot of registrations to sift through so it might take awhile for your account to be validated. Please be sure that in almost all circumstances, it will be!
If you do feel however that your wait has been excessive and it's possible we overlooked the approval of your new account, please feel free to contact me via email so I can review your registration and make the appropriate changes.

Thanks for your continued patience. We here at the Madboards moderation team hope that you'll continue to enjoy our community.

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