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k-on blu ray ( no Audio)

k-on blu ray ( no Audio)

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:34 pm    Post subject: k-on blu ray ( no Audio) Reply with quote
ok so I just got k-on season 2 collection 2 in the last few days I went to watch it, the madman logo plays fine but after that there is no sound on the menu or during the episodes at all. I tried changing the audo setting on my disk from English to Japanese, turned off my t.v blu ray surround sound and started it all again iv looked at the disk but I see nothing wrong with it. also my sruound sound is working with other dvd,blu rays tv and also my pc that's linked to my tv iv even updated my Samsung tv/blu ray with the latest software patches can anyone help me out with this or have any idea what is going on before I contact madman?

ps yes there may be spelling mistakes ect but for some reason the text is tiny lol I can barely see it Sad
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