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Did we all notice Ichigo had two inner selfs? (spoiler)

Did we all notice Ichigo had two inner selfs? (spoiler)
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:54 am    Post subject: Did we all notice Ichigo had two inner selfs? (spoiler) Reply with quote
Well you probably have noticed but never put any thought into it until now once Yhwach was revealed.

Ok this will be an extremely high spoiler so don't read on if you don't know what I'm talking about...or if you are still new to Bleach manga/anime series then don't read on...since your mind will be completely blown.

So bare with me as I'm going to ramble on a bit on what we so far know.

::Ichigo's Zanpakuto and Zanpakuto themselves::
Who is Zangetsu? Did we really know who he is from the past manga volumes and anime episodes we have been watching up to so far?

SO far we have only just scratch the surface of Ichigo's zanpakuto.
Like they say it takes 10 years to fully understand your zanpakuto and achieve bankai.

But in just recent Volumes Ichigo's Zanpakuto Bankai has been broken in two by Jugram Haschwalth (Had to look up the spelling soo many hard german like names...whew!).
As Mayuri said Zanpakuto can repair itself in Shikai form but Bankai is a totally different story.
As Bankai can never be fixed...(Like Woah...How come we only just learn't this now) Is this why Bankai is hardly ever used? Risk of being broken.

So all the Shinigami in the Gotei who've had broken Bankai's are STILL broken...Like WHAT THE?
Well the exception is Captain Sajin Komamurra since he's Bankai is linked to he's if he's bankai is damaged then he will take physical damage and when he is healed then he's bankai will be fixed as well.

But it seem the only way to fix Bankai is to modify it completely.
Otherwise the blade will be weaker than previously was, if only partially fixing with with Ikkaku Bankai which is now weaker than before.
Renji's Bankai still has broken blades on his Bankai bone snake like thing.

Ok enough about Zanpakuto's lets talk about Ichigo's Zanpakuto Zangetsu.
Did we really know who Zangetsu really was?
When we first saw Old man Zangetsu (Zangetsu with the sunglasses) we first thought he was Zangetsu.
But did old man Zangetsu say he's name was Zangetsu the first time Ichigo was in he's own inner world...No, because he's voice couldn't reach Ichigo.
Only when Ichigo first summoned he's sword (after Urahara helped getting he's soul reaper powers back) he called out "its name" Zangetsu in the real world.
Also at the time Ichigo became a soul reaper again but with a hollow mask, which came to the conclusion that Ichigo had part hollow powers and that he was drawing power from he's own inner hollow self and not Zangetsu (Man with Sunglasses).

When Ichigo started to became stronger he's hollow powers started to manifest and a mask started to appear.
Then back into he's own inner world he saw he's own inner self was a "White Ichigo" and Ichigo asked "Where is Zangetsu"? The white Ichigo said "I'm right here"
Ichigo was wondering about Old man Zangetsu with the sunglasses while he was fighting he's White inner hollow self for control over the zangetsu blade.(Who is the King and who is the horse that the King rides).

So did we all notice Ichigo had two inner selfs at that time?
But who is Old man Zangetsu who resembles a young Yhwach 1000 years ago?
Well now it's revealed Ichigo has quincy powers and it seems old man zangetsu (well a young Yhwach) is Ichigo inner self quincy powers...Like what the?

But my question is "Why is Ichigo's inner quincy powers looks like Yhwach from 1000 years ago"?

Ichigo now considers Zangetsu both he's two inner beings the White Ichigo is the "True Zangetsu" but based on Hollow powers and Yhwach inner self of he's quincy powers yet discovered.
So Ichigo is only so far learning he's true self and understanding he's zanpakuto.
So in basic understanding the zanpakuto blade Ichigo has been using so far isn't the "True zanpakuto" blade...WOW mind totally blown. HAHA

There's so many things I like to point out but there's also lots of things I like to talk about that I don't really understand quite so yet.
So far all is yet to revealed on Ichigo's new abilities since he's only just discovered another part of himself which was supressed.

I don't know if Tite Kudo is cleaver at doing this or just making plot twists and plot holes.
But this last saga of Bleach will certainly be exciting to read as all things will be revealed to why Ichigo is so powerful and what of he's origins.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this...I know it's a spoiler so what do you think of the outcome of Ichigo's new discovered power...well full potential power of unlocking both sides of he's powers...Hollow/quincy/shinigami powers.

Also you can talk about all the previous zangetsu inner world scenes we have seen.
Since every inner world zangetsu scene is always puzzling.
Such as the scene where Ichigo fights Kenpachi Zaraki and Old man zangetsu steps in saids "I will lend you some of my power" as Ichigo was lying in a pool of blood after getting stabbed in the chest by Kenpachi.
Yhwach Zangetsu was probably lending him some of his quincy powers...Mind blown again.

Also each forms or Ichigo whether their Hollowfied or Final Getsuga forms seem to resemble both sides of Ichigo's inner selfs...have you noticed?

In order to understand who is who lets call old man zangetsu (with glasses) is called "Yhwach Zangetsu" so not to be confused with the real Yhwach...Ok makes it easier to read.
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