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Madman 3.0 Upgrade Complete

Madman 3.0 Upgrade Complete
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:24 pm    Post subject: Madman 3.0 Upgrade Complete Reply with quote
Copy and paste from our Tumblr.

Thursday, 31st July, 2014
For those who missed it, we announced back in March that our parent company Funtastic had agreed to sell Madman Entertainment back to us (read about it here). Although it took a smidgeon longer than we expected, the sale process has finally been completed!
We, Madman’s founders Tim Anderson and Paul Wiegard, together with a small group of investors, completed the Madman “buy-back” on the afternoon of Thursday 31st July, amidst a small mountain of paperwork. I’d like to thank our new buddies at the Commonwealth Bank, James Tonna and Brian Anketell for their kind support and their *CAN do attitude - as well as the many Mentos Mints provided for signing stamina.
So what does this mean for Madman, our partners, our customers and our future plans?
For Madman, it means restored independence, strong financial backing and the opportunity for exciting growth and innovation.
We love the content and the partners we represent with a geek-like zeal, so we will continue to grow and strengthen that part of our business, both through traditional distribution as well as emerging channels.
We’re really excited about our current and upcoming slate. THE TRIP TO ITALY has been a box office hit and opening today is the Danish thriller THE KEEPER OF LOST CAUSES (released in partnership with SBS). In home entertainment, OFFSPRING and Cartoon Network’s ADVENTURE TIME continue to be sensational successes.
We are also producing original content. Keep an eye out for the documentary, THAT SUGAR FILM, along with apocalyptic Sci-Fi series WASTELANDER PANDA, produced for ABC iview.
Plus, we just launched AnimeLab, a video on demand service developed entirely in-house. We expect it is just the beginning of an amazing new direction for Madman.
Madman 3.0 is now officially open for business.
Tim & Paul, Madman Founders
Madman Entertainment
Building 1 Level 1, 21-31 Goodwood Street
Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia
+61 3 9261 9200
*If that seemed both a pun and a shameless plug, it was. Guys, does that qualify us for a 0.25% discount on rates now?
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