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JB Hi-Fi and Variety (or lack there of).

JB Hi-Fi and Variety (or lack there of).

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:38 am    Post subject: JB Hi-Fi and Variety (or lack there of). Reply with quote
Can we please not have every single volume of long running anime series polluting the already tiny anime shelves at JB Hi-fi? Seriously it's like going to a fruit shop to buy an apple but you can't because the shop only stocks oranges.

I went to one store over the weekend and the anime shelf was literally one meter long; stocked to the gills with every volume of Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon and One Piece.

Great job store-guy; you have one whole section of your store dedicated to four shows.

How many One Piece fans out there went to their local shop again and again buying successive volumes of the show as they finished watching them?

How many Naruto fans bought every volume of the show at once?

What customer demand is this immediate supply satiating?

If shelf space is based on sales I can see why this store's anime shelf is so small. You have four shows to choose from (plus change) and no one buys them.

"Anime sales are down! Reduce the size of the anime shelf to make room for more profitable shows".

In the end, I just ordered what I was looking for online; but how out of touch can you be?
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
This is why I pre-order at the front counter. It not only guarantees that you'll get a copy, you'll be certain that they'll order it in for you as well.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Wait so your complaining there's too much anime of Bleach, Naruto, Pokémon and One Piece in JB Hifi yet this is a JB Hifi matter NOT a Madman matter. LOL

Well it depends on the JB Hifi store as shelving is different on some stores.
I've been to quite a few JB Hifi stores this year from ones in Sydney and even visited one in Gold Coast when I was up there a few months ago.
The one in Gold Coast had pretty much the same stock as the ones in Sydney it was no different.

Each store is NOT always Bleach, Naruto and Pokémon and One Piece over stock...I have seen quite a number of all NEW Madman releases and even Non-madman anime dvd's such as Siren Visual etc.

I have to admit Pokémon boxsets do take up quite a lot of shelve space but at least lately I've seen quite few other anime releases that aren't the ones you've listed.

Most JB Hifi store put their excessive stock under the shelves in boxes so that when that title is all taken up they replace that one title from stock from the boxes underneath the shelves.
But if your saying the store you visited is putting all there excessive stock all on the shelve and not in boxes below, then they really need to manage their stock better then.

In another matter I find JB Hifi quite a good store for anime compared to shopping overseas and trying to find a store that's similar to JB Hifi in America is quiet hard to find.
The best store I found was Best Buy which is very similar to JB Hifi.
Wallmart sucks as its pretty much like and oversized K-Mart or Big-W with next to no anime at all.

When I was in America a few years ago I was shopping for Technoman Blade series and boy it was hard to find a store that sold anime DVD's.
I did manage to get the series at Best Buy but it took some hunting to find the store.

The problem is EVERYTHING is purchased ONLINE when it comes to American's as they don't like to travel to the nearest store as the nearest store could be miles away or even in another City that sells shopping online is easy for them.
Also everything is becoming ONLINE STREAMING...such as Netflix and watching anime online through streaming sites.
So think about it Netflix or streaming sites are killing the DVD rental market.
But here in Australia we are quite lucky to have a store like JB Hifi as it tends to have the latest anime releases...sure it might not have every anime you can think of but at least we can get anime releases.

I rather live in Australia and buy anime from JB Hifi stores than live in America where I am force to buy online because the local shop is either too far away or doesn't have the anime I want or the fact that is doesn't sell any anime at Australia is quite lucky.
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