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Terms of Service - Updated 07/06/2009

Terms of Service - Updated 07/06/2009
Mr Waffle

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:48 pm    Post subject: Terms of Service - Updated 07/06/2009 Reply with quote
Description of Service
Firstly, welcome to the Madman Entertainment forums, affectionately known as the Madboards. We try to provide a friendly community here, in order that all members can get along well with each other - from the long term members who come here to hang out, to the lurkers who want to find out a little bit more about their favourite anime and foreign cinema.

Acceptance of Terms
In order to achieve this goal, we just have a few rules we need you, the users, to abide by to avoid any potential conflicts. Nobody likes conflict, right? If you feel you can't comply by the below guidelines for our members, we kindly ask that you reconsider your membership of the Madboards.

What not to do
The following is far from a complete list of infractions you should be mindful of - we like to think our members have a fair amount of common sense, so we're going to leave the grislier offences to your fertile imaginations and just outline the basics.

1. Madman Entertainment wishes to maintain an all-ages friendly site, even though the Madman products available carry the full range of OFLC ratings. For this reason we have a swear filter. We literally keep all the bad words in a little box and we don't let them out. If you're caught helping them escape by bypassing the word filter in any way, be it through creative UBB coding or posting images that contain obscenities, the offending post will be edited or removed, and you'll receive a warning. If your posting habits simply includes foul language, type it and let our word filter take care of it.

2. Once again, we need to keep the boards clean - so while Madman might sell series that carry say, an MA15+ rating, some of that content just isn't acceptable for the Madboards, since we can't actually control who views the threads and when. For this reason, we ask that our members not post or link to any content that contains excessive violence, obscene language, sex/sexual references or nudity. Offending content will be removed and you will receive a warning.
We have extended this policy a little further on Hentai titles: no discussion of Hentai (perverted/pornographic) anime (or manga/doujinshi, etc.) is permitted on the Madboards - including even the discussion of titles and/or storylines (assuming such things exist in hentai). This is to further protect minors that visit this site, and we appreciate the understanding of all our Madboard members.

3. Users should also refrain from posting any content that may be deemed racist, homophobic, hateful, inflammatory, defamatory, libelous or promote the harm and/or abuse of any group or entity - particularly minors.

4. This is a big one. FANSUBS AND PIRACY.
As a distributor of Anime and film, Madman Entertainment does not appreciate its members discussing or linking to pirated material of any form. We are all for the discussion of Anime, even if it can't possibly have been purchased via Madman DVDs yet - indeed, there are people who want to discuss what happened on the latest episode of Naruto. But we don't want to know how you managed to watch it.
Any posts linking to, alluding to, or outright providing pirated content including (but not limited to) fansubbed/dubbed videos, 'raw' unsubtitled videos, fan-made music videos, mp3s or scanned comics/manga will be removed, (this includes links to illegal/unauthorised You Tube/Google videos) and you will receive a stern warning. We mean it.
Posting the occasional page or screenshot to illustrate a point during a discussion of the content is fine, but only in this extremely limited capacity. The moderators will deem on a case by case basis what constitutes excessive use and what is not.

5. Anyone found attempting to gain access to another user's login details will be banned - ok, we're not responsible for what your account does if it gets hacked, but we're not going to sit by and let people accumulate passwords either.

6. Any user who disrupts the community of the Madboards by trolling, spamming, soliciting for another company, advertising in threads will be warned - this also covers posting in a fashion that causes the page to scroll unnecessarily, and content-free posts such as "+1 post count" or other messages that do nothing to further the thread you are posting in. Making comments that are designed to start an argument - such as "dubs suck"- are also not appreciated. If you have nothing useful to post, please avoid posting until you do.

7. Please don't post any private sales of goods. This forum is a service provided by Madman, and thus we don't want to be held responsible for any dodgy dealings that could occur.

8. Lastly, any person(s) found impersonating a representative of Madman Entertainment or its message board will be banned. If you don't work for Madman, don't claim to. If you're not a moderator, don't tell people you are. It's pretty simple.

Other stuff to be mindful of

Contacting staff
Please direct any Madboard questions to Madboard Mods, or a Madboards Admin as opposed to Madman Staff. If the question needs to be asked of a representative of Madman Entertainment, the Moderators can pass your questions on.

Avatars and signatures
At present, the Madboards have a restriction on post signatures and avatars. Your avatar on this board may be no more than 135x100 pixels (widescreen view) and 8kb in file size, and not animated. Please try and restrict the size of your signature; 3-4 lines at the most, and we do not allow images in signatures at all. This is primarily to cut down on loading time for our users to ensure no one is disadvantaged when viewing the boards.

Image usage
While we do permit "56k death" threads that are image heavy from time to time, we'd prefer to restrict this practice where we can. If you feel like making a thread where people can just post crazy-sized images, please note so in the thread title. Keep in mind that the moderators will monitor these threads closely and will not hesitate in shutting them down if they take a turn for the worse. Also, there are rules for the use of images specifically for the Introduction Forum.

Most of the time, the Madboards have functioning spoiler tags - if you are posting material about a movie or series that could potentially spoil the story, plot or ending, please use the tags to prevent spoiling it for other users.

Account security
If your account goes berserk and spams a forum with four hundred threads titled asdfhghgjk and containing nothing but panty-shots from Najica, we have no choice but to ban it. We don't like banning people, but sometimes it happens.
You are responsible for your account - if you have a little brother or sister, we suggest keeping your password a secret and logging out when you're not on the computer. You should also make it sufficiently complicated enough to resist so-called hackers. If you feel you've been banned unfairly, contact a moderator or administrator for more information and we'll see what we can do to get you sorted out.

There is a topic search function available - and Madboards staff firmly suggest that users make use of it before making any new topics in any forum - a cursory search to ensure there has not been a topic on the subject recently so as to avoid redundancy (not to mention the frustration from other users).

Appropriate content
Madboards staff (Moderators and Administrators) are solely responsible for deciding, on case by case basis' what content is inappropriate for the Madboards. If you feel certain content is inappropriate for the Madboards, PM a staff member and we will take it into consideration. There is also no set amount of warnings for people to accrue before we decide to terminate the account - once again, it is decided on a case by case basis depending on the frequency and severity of the infractions.

If you need to contact Madboards staff for any reason, you can find the forum moderators listed below each forum name, or PM an Administrator (either StorminNorman or Mr Waffle).

Finally, we reserve the right to change or amend these terms at anytime without warning.

Now that you've read all that, try and have fun. Very Happy
Remember, there is no Madboard cabal.
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