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best of / worst of 1990's HK cinema

best of / worst of 1990's HK cinema
Shinobu Nagumo

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2000 8:12 am    Post subject: best of / worst of 1990's HK cinema Reply with quote
here is a 'best/worst of the 1990's' list i came across... it was long, so i cut it to the top 10 for best/worst.
my comments in {{}}... i dont know the original author of the list

the ones i didnt comment are ones i havnt seen or ones where there is no more to say ^_^

i've seen only a couple from the 'best of' list, and seen most of the 'worst of' list hehehe. ohwell...


Worst of the '90s:

1 - Storm Riders
Truly groundbreaking special effects, but doesn't satisfy on any level.
{{quincy: i liked it... and its ranked the worst? ouch!}}

2 - 9413
Francis Ng should stick to acting. This is Ng's semi-artsy attempt to do something like "Violent Cop." Miserably dull.

3 - Downtown Torpedoes
I swear, 30% of this film must be people looking at computer screens. Cyber this, cyber that. Blaaaah.

4 - Mr. Nice Guy
A pointless collection of mostly routine fight scenes with excruciating down-time.
{{quincy: yeah. mucho c.ra.ppy}}

5 - Naked Killer
Virtually nothing to recommend other than some brief action scenes. Overrated.
{{quincy: so-so. iirc, this was famous only for its 'lesbian' killers. yawn}}

6 - Hot War
Dull and ugly Hollywood wannabe.

7 - Dr. Wai and the Scripture With No Words
An atrocity. An idea that I really liked, but it's really just ludicrious. Action scenes are adequate at best, and the finale is truly pathetic.
{{quincy: a so-so jet movie...}}

8 - Love and Sex of Eastern Hollywood
A real horror. May be somewhat entertaining to those who understand the references, but I was so bored I couldn't have given you a summary of the plot five minutes after the movie was over. I couldn't even say if it was a comedy or a drama for that matter.

9 - Ashes of Time
Okay, so that's arguable. What can I say, it drove me crazy.

10 - Lifeline
Johnny To, how could you? Excruciatingly dull. The fact that someone is employed as a firefighter doesn't automatically make their personal problems more interesting. By the finale, which I'll admit is technically impressive, I just didn't care anymore.

12 - Once Upon a Time in China and America
Silly plot, wretched acting, rare and mediocre action. Everything you could possibly hate about a martial arts movie.
{{{{quincy: special mention coz my kungfu uncle stars as the bad guy! ^_^}}

Best of the '90s:
1 - The Chinese Feast
Charismatic cast is impossible to resist. Tsui Hark's direction is excellent. A real upper.

2 - The Longest Nite
Outstanding leads, atmosphere, pace and story. Some plot holes, but overall a very tight piece of work.

3 - Beast Cops
Energetic presentation with an incredible performance from Anthony Wong. Michael Wong fails to annoy.

4 - The Intruder
Somewhat cheap-feeling but very suspenseful. As uncompromising as one would expect from Milkyway's only venture into the horror/slasher genre. Wu Chien-Lien shows her true versatility.

5 - The King of Comedy
Stephen Chow's best film in recent years has "big laughs and a big heart."

6 - A Hero Never Dies
I understand why some people dislike this movie, but then movies that play this loose with the rules of storytelling aren't for everyone. Leon Lai's performance is up to par for once, and terrific cinematography and scoring make this bizarre update on the John Woo genre something special.

7 - A Chinese Odyssey 1&2
Best watched as one long saga, these two movies manage to fuse comedy, fantasy and some real drama.

8 - Expect the Unexpected
This movie spreads itself a little thin, but there are a lot of good elements packed into this very short movie. Stunning and divisive ending.

9 - Big Bullet
Pedestrian setup is saved by enthusiastic performances from a great cast, slick direction, and several outstanding action scenes, although the finale is weak.

10 - Where a Good Man Goes
Drama lacks quick pace and nice action of some other Milkyway productions, but is unpredictable and never dull. Lau Ching-Wan, does anything more need to be said?

Quincy of Genom.
- I Own You. I Own EVERYTHING!
Sazan Aisu / 3x3 Eyes Fanfiction Homeroom
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Akiha Tohno

Joined: 30 Nov 2000
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2000 3:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Just one missing....


Edit: It should be in the best - not the worst HC
- It's not enough to love, if you can't do it with the heart of the dragon

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Shinobu Nagumo

Joined: 12 Dec 2000
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2000 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hey wot about Young and Dangerous the series
and mayb Legend Of Speed =) Triad gangster film kik ass..
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Yoriko Nakaido

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2000 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
i agree with no. 7 and 12 of the worst list - those movies really sucked hard

formerly known as SSJ4 Gogeta
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Hyper C
Akiha Tohno

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2000 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Originally posted by Porunga:
Just one missing....



well, considering it was by the same folk behind the storm riders (and I was thinking of getting that ) you might be lucky that is wasent there

Hyper C

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