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Storm Locked! (Series Completed as of 29/08/11)

Storm Locked! (Series Completed as of 29/08/11)
Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 10:07 pm    Post subject: Storm Locked! (Series Completed as of 29/08/11) Reply with quote
This is the second series I mentioned about in my Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars fan-fic. It's totally unrelated to the other series. The next installment of the Jester Wars should hopefully be up tomorrow, but can't guarantee it.

This series will have characters that besides the main 3 or 4 won't carry on in the story until the end. That's where I'm aiming it for. In this respect it's also different to my other fan-fic.

--------------------STORM LOCKED - THE BEGINNING----------------------

2 Super Star Destroyers are seen with explosions breaking across their hulls. A third ship, an oviod colony ship of the same size has lesser damage, but all 3 are being dragged by the pull of Thunders Grave, an inhospitable planet racked by ferocious storms and planetary upheaval.

A voice is heard on an all frequency mayday sent out from one of the 2 Super Star Destroyers.

Captain Houser : This is escort Captain Dougie Houser of the Super Star Destroyer - Searcher. We have sustained serious damage to both the Searcher and the Griffin from attack of an unknown origin. The colony ship Degaras has suffered lesser damage and we are transferring all personnel to it. We need assistance. We are falling to Thunders Grave. Repeat, we are falling to Thunders Grave and we need assistance.

A larger explosion rocks the Searcher and no more messages are heard. Escape pods are seen departing the 2 stricken destroyers and entering the Degaras's docking area. As the final pod is brought inside the Degaras, the gravitic pull of Thunders Grave drags the 3 ships through its stratosphere.

The Griffin and the Searcher are seen no more.
The Degaras however battles against what seems to be the hell of all hells. Massive bolts of chain lighning fighting with cyclonic winds that are interspersed with fire storms and tornados, slamming against the ships hull. The Degaras gets, flipped, dropped, slammed left and right as well as spun like a spinning top. Finally though the ship manages to reach the surface.

A council of ship commanders and colony leaders takes place. By the end of it, 2 major agreements were made.
1. Search parties are to be sent out seeking the lost destroyers or at least their remains.
2. That the destroyer crew are to merge with the colonists and colonise the planet.

With those agreements in place, the building of the colony takes place.
Over the next few weeks, massive domes are seen being erected by construction robots while building material are being moved by ground transports. The peoples job is made harder by the unrelenting furey of the storms and knowing that they were grounded.
They were Storm Locked!.


In a snow covered valley, the outline of the Griffin could be seen. Upon closer inspection of the destroyer, a single escape pod is seen protruding from the bow and a section of it is open to the elements. Inside, a blond, gray eyed, young male soldier is asleep in his stasis chamber.
But the chamber is cracked.

Hundreds of years pass and the people of the destroyers and the colonists have combined and expanded while still bound to the planets surface. All searches for the missing ships end in failure and death, while the efforts of the scientists and technicians to find a way off planet, continue to give people hope but no success. Now a new threat has emerged in what people have named as ghosts. All but invisible and lacking substance, they have started killing randomly and walls are no barrier. A new fight has begun.

Out in the snow covered valley where the Griffin rests, the greatest of all changes have ocurred. A massive white, lion type of machine lays waiting.
Inside the escape pod, a rainbow corona of light surrounds the stasis bound figure. He suddenly opens his eyes, then strikes out with both of his arms, forcing the destruction of the stasis chamber walls. He gets up, surveys his surroundings, then presses some buttons on the hatch walls while flicking 2 switches and waits. The outer hatch doors open and he walks through waiting for the doors to close behind and for the Griffins inner hatch doors to open. When they do, he walks to his bunk, gathers some clothes, then proceeds to the armoury. There he grabs some communication and tracking equipment as well as a mobile armour, weapons and food packs. After this his goes to the bridge.
Once there, he activates the command console. The Griffins A.I. awakens.

Vandread : Please state name and I.D. please?.
(The voice comes from all over the bridge.)
Hawk : My name is Hawk Wintermist and my I.D. is my DNA.

Vandread : Processing. Please press your hand on the lighted panel.

Hawk places his hand on the lighted panel beside the command console. As his hand rests, small needles are injected and his DNA profile read.

Vandread : Your DNA has shown some abnormalities. Despite those abnormalities, you have been verified as that of Hawk Wintermist, bio-warrior of the Griffin. Since you're the only remaining crew member aboard, I'm at your command.

Hawk : Thank you Vandread. Please give me details on the Griffins damage.

Vandread : Certainly sir. The damage to the Griffin is extensive but repairable. There's damage across the entire ship, both innner and outer, but mainly around the engines and weapons ports. From the inventory in the holds, I have assertained that this ship will be space worthy in 3 months in current conditions.

Hawk : What about the Searcher?. Do you know its location?.

Vandread : The Searcher is approximately 5000 kms to the SE of this position.

Hawk : In that case, I have to go to the Searcher and see if it can be repaired as well. Can you do your repairs without me being here?.

Vandread : I can. My sensors tell me that there is a white, lion type of machine outside. Do you wish me to destroy it?.

Hawk : No. It's waiting for me. Don't ask me how I know. It's just that I do. I'll be in constant contact with you. Do not on any circumstances are you accept any commands but my own and only from me, either through my DNA link or by me being here personally. Is that clear?.

Vandread : Very clear.

Hawk : Then proceed with the repairs. While at it, do an analysis on the surrounding weather, geological and geographical conditions and let me know of your conclusions. I'm going down to introduce myself to my new travelling companion. Goodbye Vandread. Until next time.

Vandread : Goodbye sir. I'll keep in touch. I'll also help you outside. Please proceed to the hanger.

With that Hawk walks off the bridge, down the hallway, enters the lift and proceeds to the hanger level. Once there, he puts on his mobile armour and walks to a construction robot. The hanger doors open at the same time as the construction robot activates, picks Hawk up and takes him outside.
The Liger stands up upon the robots appearance and waits as Hawk disengages himself from it and walks to the Liger. The robot turns and is seen starting the repairs. The Liger looks down at Hawk when it eyes light up and Hawk can hear a voice in his head.

Cloud : I'm the Liger Lord, a living sentient being of the Zoidian race. The Zoidian council has decided that I, Cloud, Lord of the Ligers accompany you Hawk Wintermist as emissary to out people. Will you accept this honour?.

Hawk : Yes, I'll accept. Will you help me in my goals as well, no matter what they are?.

CLoud : Yes. Except in the destruction of the Zoidian race.

Hawk : We are agreed then?.

Cloud : Yes we are.

Hawk : Then lets go.

With that he puts on his equipment and locks his weapons in place. Without looking back, he sets off with Cloud, Lord of the Ligers besides him, while lighting flashes across the landscape.

The end of part 1.

I hope you all enjoy this series.

Murder, mayhem and laughter. The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars.

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Isamu Dyson

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2002 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Dougie Houser? Muhahahahaha.....
Anyway so far so good.

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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2003 10:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The 2nd and 3rd sections will come up around the same time as the next 2/3 acts of the Jester Wars. Will Hawk get drunk when he kills some ghosts and what capabilities Cloud, the Liger Lord will unleash?. I guess you all will have to wait.

Murder, mayhem and laughter. The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars.
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Ruri Hoshino

Joined: 08 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2003 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Here's the 2nd section of the series. I'm aiming for shorter stories in this one but can't always due it.
Story 3 in this will be titled The Council Of Ligers and will have a few new types of Ligers, a fight or 2 amongst other stuff.

Enjoy story 2.

--------------------STORM LOCKED - A CRY IS HEARD--------------------

Hawk Wintermist and Cloud - The Liger Lord were travelling across a mountain range when a chasm opens up beneath them with a roar of tortured earth. They fall halfway down before they regain control and with a quick burst of their thrusters emerge, just as the chasm closes up. Before he could catch his breath, molten lava bursts out of the newly sealed crack, forcing them to race away from the mountain range. To make matters worse, lightning bolts slam into the ground and is soon accompanied by falling boulders and lava bombs. Moments later, a powerfull earthquake happens and the land in front of them drop 50ft. A snow blizzard racing on the winds of a cyclone, heads straight for them making Hawk wish for some 150 proof alcohol. They leap off the new cliff face and with the aid of their anti-grav thruster packs, lands safely. They continue to race away from the exploding volcano.
The weather had other ideas though as the snow blizzard catches up and forcing them to stop to wait out the storm. One eye kept on the volcano.
With his breathing and pulse slowing down, Hawk picks up a signal on his communicator. When he turns it on, he hears a child crying and screaming on the link and feels compelled to help her.

Hawk : Little one, don't be affraid. Tell me what's wrong.

Child : My family. They were killed. WAAAIIII!!!!, don't come near me. HELP!!!!!..Help me please. Don't come near me.
(She's screaming)

Hawk walks over to Cloud as a lightning bolt blasts the ground where he stood moments before. Hail stones, the size of cue balls starting slamming them from above forcing Hawk to activate his repeller shield and communicate to Cloud telepathically.

Hawk : We have to do something. I can't bare the thought of what that kid is going thru.

Cloud : If you say so. As long as it doesn't mess up our aggreement, I'm fine. What does your communications tracker say?.

Hawk : 40 clicks to our west. We can be there in 10 minutes or so if we hurry.

Cloud : Lets not waste time them. Something wrong is going on. It's going to be hard getting there with this blizzard and pyschotic weather going on.

Hawk : Makes me wonder why this planet is soo p***ed off. Could it be us making it going crazy?. We don't have to think it thru. We have to get to that kid and I don't give a s**t if the planet throws everything at us. I'm going to save that kid.

Cloud : We better hook up then to save time. Get on board.

Hawk leaps up to the centre of the White Liger Lords back. There he crouches as the Ligers modular weapons and armour system undergoes its liquid metal transformation.
Now with 4 large boosters and 2 massive wings, Cloud launches himself into the still blowing snow blizzard.
Barely seen lightning flickers around them as the hail stones cease their attack when Cloud finally breaks thru the cloud barrier. With the looming sun above their heads, they fly to where the screaming child awaits.
Upon coming to the co-ordinates, they once more burst thru the cloud barrier and immediately gets slammed by the chaotic winds. A small APC is soon seen below them as they continue their descent.
They land with a huge thump causing an avalanche nearby. Their arrival brings out a group of deformed looking humans which stumble and crawl their way to them. They attack.

Hawk : What are these things?.
(Staring at the grotesque looking people from Clouds back)

Cloud : They are now ghosts. They were once humans but have since been consumed by the Organoids. The Organoids were once members of the Zoidian race but left to set up their own community. Obviously, they have turned their attention to you humans and are trying to do some damage.

Hawk : Do some damage. That's bulls**t. This would freaken scare the s**t out of the population. What shall we do?.

Cloud : The only thing we can do. Destroy them. There's no humanity left in them. Their souls have been consumed as well.

Hawk : Bastards. That's it. You're all dead.

Hawk fire several shots from his mini-missile launcher and sees a group of them blown to dust.

Cloud : See. No humanity left.

And with that Cloud simply lifts his feet and stomps the remaining ghosts into the ground.
After the ghosts were destroyed, Hawk jumps down and races to the APCs entrance. Fearing on what he might see, he calls out.

Hawk : Heh kid!. Are you still alive?.

Katie : Yes. You're not gonna kill me like the others?.

Hawk : No, I won't kill you. I'm here to save you. All the bad people are dead. I'm going to come in, OK?.

Katie : Okay.

Hawk enter the carrier and sees an 8 year old girl looking at him. He smiles and looks around, noticing the damage done to the interior and the communicator sitting near Katie. He pulls off his helmet and opens up his arms. Katie realising that she's safe rushes into his arms and while he craddles her against his armoured body, she releases a flood of tears. After 5 minutes, she stops crying and wipes away the remaining tears from her eyes. She looks up at him.

Hawk : You're safe little one. Now lets get what you need and we'll leave. It's not safe here.

Katie : But..but..(Close to tears again) Everything I know is here.

Hawk : I know and I'm sorry, but still. (sighs) We'll take you to the nearest setttlement where you'll be safe, Have you any family left?.

(She shakes her head)

I'll see what I can do. Now lets get moving.

And with that, they start collecting gear and food supplies. Katie puts on some protective clothing before leaving the APC. Upon leaving it, she looks up at Cloud and gulps. Hawk smiles at her discomfort and seeks to reasure her.

Hawk : Don't worry about Cloud. He won't harm you.

Cloud : Welcome little one. I'm Cloud..a Liger Lord of the Zoidian race. And what's your name.

Katie : Um...Katie sir.

Cloud : Pleased to meet you Katie. That buffoon next to you is Hawk Wintermist or Hawk for short. He's the only living member of the original Griffin crew.

Katie : Thank you. (Eyes wide as saucers)

While this conversation was going on, a slow rumble could be felt and heard coming from under the ground.

Hawk : Everythings packed. So lets go before something else happens to attack us.

Hawk picks up Katie and leaps once more to Clouds back. After leaping away from the immediate area, the rumbling gets louder and the ground starts to rock. With a tremendous roar, the earth splits open and the head of an 80ft rock shark rears out. It opens its mouth and crushes the recently vacant APC, before swallowing it and disappearing below the surface. Katies eyes goes wide at the sudden destruction and Cloud decides to increase his speed while the weather calms down. He's determined to get out of the area as quickly as possible and heads towards the nearest of the human settlement.

And that the end of this section. The next one will be up soon.

Murder, mayhem and laughter. The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2003 3:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I read the first chapter some time ago... I guess I'm obligated to read the second.

Formerly known as ssj4_Vegeta - Post count + 3246

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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2003 1:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Here's the next section. Most of it is being done on the fly but the background has been sitting on my notepad for ages.

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - THE COUNCIL OF LIGERS --------------------

Deep in the heart of a radio-active wasteland, a cystal arena stands empty. Its low tiered profile appears to glow as heat charged radio-active particles gets blown across it from the oncoming firestorm.
Out of the firestorm emerges a black Liger Lord who runs to the heart of the amphitheatre and lets out roar after massive roar in summons. Answering roars are heard and in the space of 3 days, all the ligers except for Cloud are in attendance. Ligers of all shapes and sizes cram into the massive but low tiered amphitheatre.
Cassius, a dark grey Jack Hammer Liger with 4 large jack hammers attached to the sides, calls out for order. Thunder Reach, the massive black Liger Lord walks around the arena until all noise from the attending ligers cease. He returns to the centre.

Thunder Reach : Ligers. Thank you for coming, for the situation is grave. Ligers.....We are at WAR!!!.

Cassius : What the hell do you mean when you say that 'we are at war'?.

Thunder Reach : Just that. Not only do we have the saurers to contend with, we have the organiods or what the humans call ghosts to fight as well. It seems that the organiods who were once part of the Zoidian race have declared war on us for Cloud helping the human warrior Hawk Wintermist.

Fireheart : Then we must annihilate the organiods before they get us.

Fireheart, a red Blade Liger looks around. An answering roar of agreement drowns out all speach for the moment.

Fireheart : We need help though.

Cassius : Help. Bullsh*t!. We can wipe the organiods off the face of the planet ourselves.

Fireheart : Not bullsh*t Cassius. Isn't that right Thunder Reach?.

(Respect in voice.)

Thunder Reach : You're right Fireheart. We can't do it alone. Not against soo many. The felines and canines of our race must join forces. The Wolves, Foxes, Cats, Tigers, Lynx's, Saixs, Panthers Hounds and Terriers. The White Devils have already agreed to an alliance with us over this. Together, those who oppose us will cease to exist.

Fly Height : Linking with the Hounds and Terriers....SHEEESH!!. They're a pain to put up with the best of times. Do we really need them?.

(Fly Height is an orange flying Griffin Liger with atomic warheads, multiple lasers and twin sonic shockwave cannons.)

Thunder Reach : We do need them. They have the core destroyer weapons that we lack or can use. It's only recently that the peace alliance was formed in which it saved both our species from extinction. We mustn't let the organiods destroy the humans. Once their ships are repaired, they'll leave and we can forever wipe the menace of the Saurers off the face of the planet.
(All the Ligers scream out a deafening roar)

Now lets vote. Those who'll fight, lift your tails. Those who won't, don't lift your tails.

(All the tails lift in the air though Cassius appears dubious and Thunder Reach bows before all.)

Thunder Reach : Now that this decision has been made, I have current news on Clouds mission. Cloud reported the presence of a Rock Shark near a human settlement. It nearly took out Cloud, Hawk and a young human survivor in the process. They're currently about to enter the settlement Wankaville and hope to leave the child behind. It seems that the Zoidian council has been weakened considerably since the Saurers and Sharks departure. If we can't deal with the Saurers at least, then our entire race will be wiped out. The Sharks may return but the Saurers won't this time. Cloud also reports that the weather has gotten worse and so has the geographical seizures as well. They're speculating that the planet may be fighting us as well. In either case, we can't do anything except to wipe out the Organiods and Saurers. Now before we all go, let's have a tornament.

The ligers file out to the surrounding area where teams of 2 form up. Cassius and Haunter(black Stealth Liger) link together against Fireheart of Bluewind(blue Cycloon Liger).

Bluewind : You're gonna feel pain Haunter. PAIN.

Haunter : That's if you can see me Bluewind. I'll carve you up for the Saurers to have.

Cassius : That's one for you Haunter. (with a grin)

Bluewind : Still playing those stupid games are you Cassius?.

Cassius : I know you love it Bluewind. (gives wink)

Fireheart : You're all boring me to sleep. I'll slice you in half and then hunt some Organiods.

Cassius : You'll get a permanent sleep after my jack hammers are finished with you.

(Fly Height enters the debate.)
Fly Height : Get to your ends so we can start this fight.
(They move into position.)

Haunter quickly disappears from view will Cassius launches himself at Fireheart. Bluewind starts swinging her head left and right trying to see where Haunter had gotten to. Not realising that he hadn't left his spot, she walks right past him. He opens his jaws and jumps on her pinning her to the ground with his jaws on her neck. She starts blasting him with a solid wall of air, forcing his body to lift violently off the ground. He grips her throat even tighter forcing a conceding growl of defeat. They look at the battle between Cassius and Fireheart.
Cassius swings 3 of his jack hammers at Fireheart. 2 connect with the side Firehearts body but the 3rd get's sliced off as well as 5 metre tear along Cassius's backside. Both launch at each other trying to get a grip on each others throat. Cassius is swingin his remaining jack hammers while Fireheart has his blades extended forward, trying to shove his blades down Cassius's throat. Both however couldn't get the advantage they wanted and with a final shove both leap back. Cassius's hammers however slammed both of Firehearts front feet, breaking them and he slams face down in the ground. But not before seeing both of Cassius's front legs being sliced off at the knee and Cassius also slamming face down into the dirt.
All the other battles had ceased to watch Cassius's and Firehearts battle and a great roar erupted from the spectators. Thunder Reach and Devils's Furey (a White Devil Lord - Dragon type) carry both of them off the battlefield with Bluewind, Haunter and Fly Height following.
Over the next few days, both Cassius and Fireheart recover from the battle and soon both are seen walking side by side. Ligers and White Devils lift their tails and bow their head when they walk past.

Word is soon spread. All the species invited to the alliance have accepted.

WAR has been officially declared.


That's the end of that section. I hope that some of you might enjoy it.

Murder, mayhem and laughter. The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars.

Zoids - A pyschotic world and in need of a hero. STORM LOCKED! - Read it!
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The next one is in production and when it is finished, I'll post it up.
You will see Hawk, Katie and Cloud enter the closest settlement. They hope to leave Katie behind, but find that the Organiods(ghosts) are invading and that they must join forces to save the remaining people.

Anyway, this series and the other 2 will be updated soon.

Family And Insanity part 1 coming soon. The Lost Chronicles - The Jester Wars.

Ghosts battle in the streets.Part 5 - The Settlement.soon STORM LOCKED! -

Episode 3 - Tallis Pyschotic - This week Hunting Dominatrix Peorth - A Leather Clad Adventure
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2003 1:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm bringing this fan fic of mine back to life and will see the next installment up in the next day or so. Nobody will proberly look at it, but it doesn't matter. I like this one and will continue with it until it's finished.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 5:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
In a few days time, this fan fic will have a new chapter. It will be the 1st of a 2 part event set in the same area.

So get re-acquainted and soon a new section will be up.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 7:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The next section will be up tomorrow. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkk. That made me feel better.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 2:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
I look at my post above and some of my previous posts and shake my head. Then again, work is stressfull and spending 3hrs looking at some 8 pages of story that you've written and typing it all up can seem like a chore.

However, I feel it's time to finally bring this fanfic back to life. My other fan fics are being fleshed out once more, so maybe you'll see me here more frequently in the future.

So sit back and read away knowing that I've spent up to 3hrs typing it up from 8 pages of A4 paper that I've also spent 5+ hrs fleshing out on.

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - THE SETTLEMENT - PART 1 -------------------

With the attack of the Rock Shark less than a day behind them and rescueing the child Katie from Ghosts, Hawk and Cloud talk telepathically about what to do next.

Hawk : Cloud. We can't have a little girl travel with us for the entire journey to the Searcher. It's not safe for her to be with us.

Cloud : Hawk. Is it any safer in the settlements though?. From what I've been hearing, the Organiods have increased their attacks on the settlements and it's only a matter of time before they're all overwhelmed and destroyed.

Hawk : They haven't been destroyed yet. Humanity can survive where others cannot. It'll be close battle in the end, but somehow we'll survive. We must. However our main priority is the find the Searcher. Katie is better off with other people.

Cloud : She's safer with us and for all we know, the settlement nearby might already be nothing but ruins. We'll decide when we get there?. Okay?.

Hawk looks at the sleeping Katie, wrapped in his thermo blanket and suddenly feels a sense of protectiveness. He looks down at Clouds head.

Hawk : Agreed. Please try not to force your emotions on me Cloud.

Cloud : Sorry about that.
(not sounding sorry at all)

They continue to race across the unstable landscape with the stars for once showing above them. Hawk falls asleep in the depression near Katie and she moves over to him, burrowing into his chest with a sigh. Cloud picks up his pace till he reaches top speed, but both sleeping occupants are unaware of it happening.

The Next Day

Chain lightning arcs across the almost black sky and hail, the size of car tyres crash about them. Cloud continues to race at top speed to the settlement of Wankaville which lies between 2 small ridges nearbye. Using his autocannons to destroy the falling boulders of fire-ice before they come to close them, Cloud does a mesmerising dance of evasion manoeuvres to avoid the falling boulders of death.

Katie and Hawk watches as the explosions light up the dark sky with a reddish orange brilliance mixed with the bluish white of lightning and by the time they realised that Cloud had slowed, they look down the crest of the ridge to see Wankaville still in shadow from the 2 mountain ranges above it.

They look upon it and see a huge dome in the center of what appears to look like a wheel spoke with other domes on each end of the spokes. They glitter with the power of force shields telling everyone that someone or something is alive in it.

Cloud lopes down the slope and commences to go to the nearest dome entrance. Upon looking at the entrance, they see a massice shield strengthened gate. Feeling that they're being watched, they walk up to the gate and wait for some sign of ackowledgement.

A speaker starts to crackle and a voice is heard.

Guard : Halt!!. Who goes there?.

Cloud : Only a human can say something soo stupid.

Hawk : (to Cloud)

(to Guard)
I'm Commander Hawk Wintermist of the Griffin. With me is a small girl named Katie. My big companion here is Cloud, a Liger Lord and emissary from the Zodian race.

Guard : You say that you come from the Grython?
(derisive disbelief)

What kind of fool, do you take me for?.

Hawk : A bloody big fool. Your force shield isn't strong enough to prevent us from entering. If you don't let us in, we'll tear down your precious shields and let you take your chances that the Ghosts don't attack during that time. Anyway we're here to talk to the council. NOT to some stupid doorman.

Guard : Why you!!.....
(splutters in rage)

New voice takes over from the spluttering guardsman.

Guard Commander : The gate will open on the count of 3. It will be open for a few seconds.

Hawk : Thank you.

Guard Commander : 1.....2....3!!!!!

Cloud races thru the now opened gate and slides to a stop as they hear the slamming of gates behind them. Before them a 100 metre open space crammed with soldiers in 15ft battle armour.
The armour, looking like ancient Roman centurians, are carrying beam cannons and micro missile pods instead of swords like their ancient counterpart.

Hawk and Cloud surveys this and the shielded wall behind the soldiers in which the people of Wankaville live and work within.

A man strides forward in his battle suit. His helmet in one arm shows a face, though aged with hair of silver and wrinkles, is full of character and power.

He speaks. The voice belongs to that of the Guard Commander.

Sean Connery : I'm General Sean Connery. I'm in charge of all military forces here in Wankaville. Now that we were soo kind to let you in, would you please state your real identities.

Hawk : General Connery. I don't think that you're as stupid as the person we spoke to first. We have stated our identities at the gate. We are who we say we are. I'm Hawk Wintermist, Commander and sole remaining crewman of the Griffin. Those with me are Katie, a little girl we saved from Ghosts and Cloud, a Liger Lord and companion as well as emissary from the Zoidian council.

Since you're in charge of the military here, you would also be a member of the council. I wish to speak to them in public over matters that involve everyone in this settlement as well as those of all settlements.

(He looks to the surrounding soldiers and speaks out louder.)
We will not attack you unless you attack us. If you do attack us, then may lord give you a quick death. Amen.

Katie here, had her family killed by Ghosts. We were lucky to arrive in time to save her, but I feel that I'm unable to care for her properly if she comes with us. What arrangements can be made for her to live here?.

Sean Connery : You make lengthy speaches but still haven't proven your identity and I'm not going to take your word till I have proof that proves who you save you are. As for the girl Katie, that can be discussed after you prove your identity.

Hawk : I don't have time to pussyfoot around with you General. If you're too chicken sh*t to believe what may be you're only chance of survival, then I'll leave you to your own devices. I on the other hand will be continueing on to the Searchers position before going on to other settlements and getting as many people off as possible.

So what's your choice General?.
(says loud and forcefully)

All eyes turn towards the General with many holding their breaths and weapons tensed ready.

Sean Connery : You're from the Griffin is that correct?.
(question and challenge in voice)

Hawk : Yes. My escape capsule malfunctioned and wouldn't disengage from the Griffin. I've only recently woken up from stasis, which I was under when the malfunction occurred.

Sean Connery : What's the current location and status of the Griffin?

Hawk : The Griffin will be fully repaired and operational in under 3 months. The location I won't give out at this time.

A sigh ripples across the entire mass of troops as hope starts to silently form in their hearts. The General noticing this amongst his troops, thinks for a few minutes before looking around at his troops and turning to look Hawk in the eyes.

Sean Connery : Ok. You'll get your public hearing with the council in attendance. As for the girl Katie, I'll see what can be done for her. No promise about her safety though. Deal?.

Hawk : Deal.


So ends part 1. Part 2 will have the public meeting as well as something that no-one ever suspected might happen. Prepare for some suprises in The Settlement - Part 2.
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When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.

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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
After 7 years, Storm Locked! will be resumed tonight.

What stopped me from carrying on simply was the fact that I was trying to draw what the council building looked like and thus everything went to the pot.

I'm not going to worry about that bit of crap now. My aim however is to have this series finished by my 10th year anniversary next year.

There's only a few more chapters planned for this. I always wanted a short series and this will be it.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Okay everybody. As promised.

Here's part 2.

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - THE SETTLEMENT - PART 2 -------------------

Hawkwintermist, Cloud, and Katie follow General Connery through the massed crowds as word that visitors baring news on the locations of Grython and Searcher were heading towards the council building. Like a ship they move through the crowds ever moving forward till they reach a drab set of tall circular buildings on a raised bit of steel. Halfway up the side of the buildings was a balcony that went all the way around linking to the other 2 and it was there that they could see the council members watching there approach.
Hawk turns around and sees the multitude of people and soldiers watching and he sees for the first time how bad conditioners were in the settlements.
They approach the building till they're standing next to the occupied railing and then turn around facing the masses who are murmurring loudly..

Hawk : Everybody, listen up!
(he shouts)
The crowd slowly quietens down.

Hawk : I'm Commander Hawk Wintermist commanding officer of the Super Star Destroyer - Griffin. Griffin will be fully repaired and launch ready in under 3 months. I'm currently on my way to the location of the Super Star Destroyer - Searcher and hopefully we'll have both ships launch capable. What I need from you and your council representatives is simple. You need to get prepared to leave and you need to stockpile as much extra food and supplies for the trip. We'll be leaving as soon as the ships are ready. ARE WE CLEAR?!!!

The crowd starts cheering as he turns his back to face the councillors. One who can only be described as a human version of Jabba the Hutt starts complaining.

Councilor Haresh : We don't have enough food for ourselves let alone the people. Therefore I vote that only a select few be permitted to go on this voyage.

Hawk : Really. You and who else?.

Haresh : Just my family of Patels and of course the rest of the council and their families.

Hawk pulls out his gun and fires a full magazine of hollowpoint bullets into the councilor. The crowd who were dispersing turns around at the sound of gunfire. They quickly realise who became a corpse and they start dancing in joy as word spreads. Hawk puts a fresh clip into his gun and aims it at the closest councilor.

Hawk : Anyone with a similar suggestion?.
(they shake their heads rapidly)

Hawk : Good. Now get to work. If I find that you were lining your own pockets when I return instead of helping the citizens, then you'll be dumped outside with your families for the ghosts to feed upon.

Hawk turns to General Connery.

Hawk : I think that I will take Katie with me after all. Can you work out the best way for the evacuation to happen?.

Sean Connery : Yep. I think I know a few things that will work. Killing Haresh was originally at the top of my list, but now that you've killed him, I'll take care of his family. They're all like him in looks and attitude. Will proberly have to shut down some sections of Wankaville, but we can always open them again in future.

How is the Griffin?. I know that you said that it'll be ready in 3 months, but I'm only on your word about that. Prove it to me.

Hawk pulls out his mobile phone and calls the ship. Sean Connery puts his ear nearby to listen.

Vandread : Vandread here boss. Everything is going ohky dohky at present. Can I help you?.

Hawk : Just checking in. How far are you along in your repairs?.

Vandread : Ahead of schedule at the moment and that's partly due to a group of Ligers and Hounds bringing in raw material. The ground is shaking more and I'm detecting a deterioration in the planets crust. I'm keeping a close eye on it.

Hawk : Notify me if it gets worse. Hawk out.

General Sean Connery looks thoughtfull as Hawk clips the phone back into place. Katie who was keeping silent, starts yawning and all of them including Cloud starts doing it as well.

Sean Connery : Rest up in the barracks tonight and I'll get started on what needs to be done. I'll take Katie to my place. My family will take her in tonight.

With that he leads the trio to the main military barracks where rows of hover tanks, mothballed light and medium battle mechs and an assortment of other military hardware was stored or being cleaned. Sean head to a set of dormitories in the heart of the complex where a middle aged woman with a young girl were talking.
Sean waves and calls out to them and seeing them come over.

Sean : This is my wife Annie and daughter Sakura.

Hawk : Pleased to meet you. I'm Hawk, this big guy is Cloud, a Liger Lord and the little girl behind me is Katie. I rescued her from Ghosts and a Rock Shark on the way here.

They look stunned at the news but promptly take her as he lowers her down from Clouds back. He gets down.

Hawk : I need somewhere for a hot shower, food and rest. In that order if possible. I stink.

Sean : You can stay here, but with Katie, my place will be full.
(thinks for a moment)
There's the appartment at the end that is empty. I'll rustle up some food for you. It already has towels and toiletries and the bed's already made. I use from time to time when we get visitors.

Hawk : Thanks. I'll go then. Cloud take a rest. We'll be out of here first light.

With that Hawk heads towards to the vacant appartment while Sean, Annie and Sakura take Katie into their place.

The next day, Sean finds that Hawk and Cloud had already left while he and his family were asleep. Suprised at how quietly they left, he enquires his subordinates and finds out that they left around midnight and left him a message that read.

General Sean Connery
Thanks for everything. Please look after Katie. Our mission can't wait.
Contact the other settlements and have them rendevous here.
See you in 3 months.
Cmdr Hawk Wintermist - SSD - Grython

Out in the frozen wastelands, Cloud and Hawk race to the co-ordinates of the Searcher, knowing that with the planets crust starting to dissolve and the start of the Zoidian war, there was no time to waste.

Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I've just finished the next chapter.

Here it is. 2 in one go. Wink

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - THE UNEXPECTED -------------------

Cloud and Hawk race across the tundra being chased by a pack of Genosaurers. They head towards a mountain range that as the chasing pack keeps pace, they're unable to fire upon them. Cloud noticing a deep crevase to his left runs diagonally towards it and leaps and crashes to the bottom.
The Genosaurers come to a stop and unable to see them at the bottom start moving backwards and forwards until they give up and leave.

Cloud slowly gets back to his feet and finds that he has trouble in one of his legs. He looks around and not seeing Hawk sends out a distress signal to his fellow Ligers, hoping for assistance.

Hawk in the meantime finds himself on the other side of the crevase and feeling pretty damn crappy himself. Just as he was about to climb down the face of the crevase, he notices the shambling run of the Ghosts who are humans who've been subsumed by the organiods.

He hides as they run past and deciding on a whim, follows them as cautiously as possible.

He sees them enter a camouflaged opening in a sheer cliff face and after some time, enters.

Inside the entrance are escape pods with the occupants inside them lined up like statues and going deeper into the mountain, he sees more and more of them. Eventually he reaches the antechamber where a small group of Ghosts are gathered.
A glowing Ghost walks in from the corridor oposite. Hawk stiffles a gasp as he recognises the person.

Ghost/Dougie Houser : My suplicants, please rise and follow me. We have work to do and little time to do it.

He turns and the other Ghosts follow him.

Hawk places a remote white spider against the wall and proceeds back towards to the occupied escape pods reading each name. Coming to the end of the line to the entrance, he looks out.

A white organiod is on the otherside.

They look at each other.

The organiod leaps and opening its chest drags him inside befre closing it up. It then walks inside to join the Ghosts who're attending former SSD - Searcher captain Dougie Houser. He sees the white organiod as it enters.

Dougie Houser : Ah! White Death, welcome. We're about to begin the complete eradication of the humans on this planet. Please join us.

White Death moves to a spot near the tunnel he came out of, while Hawk, finding that he's still human and being able to listen to the conversation decides not to free himself.

Meanwhile in the crevase, Cloud picks up a faint signal from the approaching Ligers and hopes to hell they get to him in time before the Genosaurers decide to come back.

Hawk listens as Dougie outlines his attack plans on the human settlements and tries to figure out how the former captain can talk like a normal human being while the other subsumed ones merely grunt in reply.
After what seems like eternity, Dougie Houser walks out and the Ghosts turn around and shuffles past White Death.

White Death follows Dougie Houser further into the mountain and after a short walk comes out into a massive chamber with several steaming pools of water in it. In those pools are 3 identical Death Saurers.
Dougie Houser walks up to 2 more glowing organiods and Hawk notices that they too have subsumed humans. White Death moves back inside the tunnel and opens his chest.

Hawk gets out, looks back at White Death and turns back to the scene in front of him and zooms in to the 3 glowing Ghosts.

Hawk : What the Fcuk!. That's Captain Marcus Brant of the Griffin and Captain Jane Butcher of the Degaras. What in blazers is going on here?.

White Death closes his chest and stands beside him, before nodding towards the 3 Death Saurers who's heads are turned towards the 3 Ghosts. They watch as the 3 former captains rise up into the air and move towards the Death Saurers. They open their chests and then the Ghost/captains enter.
The Death Saurers chests close and then their eyes start to glow even more brightly.

Deciding it was time to get the fcuk out of there, Hawk turns around and cautiously moves back the way they came in. Before he could move more than a few steps however, White Death once again opens his chest and pulls Hawk inside, before closing it and taking off towards the antechamber.

They reach the escape pods without encountering anyone and as they pass the pods, Hawks bashes against the inside of White Death. White Death stops and hearing Hawk demanding to be let out, opens his chest.
Hawk jumps out.

Hawk : White Death. I don't know why you're helping me, but if you are, then I need your help with this. These people are still alive and we need them out of the pods right now.

White Death : Why?.

Hawk : Didn't know you could talk buddy. As for why, these escape pods have functioning tracking beacons on them. I think if we move them out of here still operating, then those bastards behind us will know and we can't disconnect the beacons without opening up the capsules. However, I won't leave them behind.

White Death : What can we do then?. There's only 2 of us and maybe a hundred people inside these pods. It's impossible.

Hawk : I have a Liger Lord as a partner. He's out there somewhere in the crevase not far from here. If we can get the other Ligers here, then maybe we can get them to the Griffin. The Griffin has to be up and running asap. Not least due to the Ghost Storm on its way with those 3 Death Saurers behind them.

White Death walks to the entrance and looks outside before turning around and looking at Hawk and the escape pods, takes off as it darkens into night.

Hawk turns around and starts to unseal the escape pods.

White Death flies towards the closest crevase and notices a pack of Genosaurers trying to get each other to go down into it. He races in and slams feet first into the side of one Genosaurers head. It falls back with a curse till it notices who did it. They move back leaving the fallen one behind.

White Death : You primitive bully boys!. You do know that there's 3 Death Saurers on the otherside of the cliff behind me. Don't you?.

The fallen Genosaurer shakes it head vigorously and its companions follow suit.

White Death : Well there is. Once they sense your presense here, they may decide to have you all for some light entertainment if you get my drift dumb arses. Now GET THE FCUK OUT OF HERE!!!.

The pack of Genosaurers including the fallen one who's gotten up takes off at top speed not looking back. White Death moves to the crevase and calls down.

White Death : The human Hawk Wintermist is safe Liger.

Cloud who's been getting attention from Drill Liger looks up and sees the outline of an organiod. Two other Ligers, as well as a pack of Shadow Foxes look to Cloud for advice.

Cloud : You haven't subsumed him Organiod scum?.

White Death : Nope. Don't intend to either. He's no doubt opening up the escape pods that are inside the mountain nearby. He wants the people inside to get back to Griffin. It's up to you to believe me.

Cloud : What about the 3 Death Saurers you told those Genosaurers about?.

White Death : It's true that they're in that mountain. It's up to you on what happens next.

The Shadow Foxes all move away and a silent meeting starts up. Before long it ends. One of them enters the conversation.

Grey Mist : We'll get them out and take them to Griffin, but we'll need help.

Swift Strike : We shadow Storm Sworders will take you to Griffin.

They all turn around and on the side of the crevase, a dozen shadow Storm Sworders were grappled.

Grey Mist : Let's get going.

The Shadow Foxes and Shadow Storm Sworders follow White Death to the cliff face and stop him from entering. They call out Hawks name and he peers outside noticing the Shadow Foxes.

Hawk : Good. There's a lot of people here from Griffin, Searcher and Degaras.

Grey Mist : We'll take them to Griffin, but we must hurry.

One by one people from the escape pods file out the door and once each Shadow Fox had a full load, turned around and took off. Eventually, all of them are loaded up on the Shadow Foxes and Shadow Storm Sworders and headed back to the Griffin.
Hawk follows White Death to the crevase and there was Cloud fully healed and ready to go. With him are 3 Ligers.

Hawk : Ligers, I need your help once again. The Ghosts are planning an all out assault on the human settlements. I need you to get to those settlements and see if you can get them evacuated to Wankaville. Can you do it?.

Drill Liger : Shouldn't be a problem. We've already declared war on the Ghosts and Organiods. Knowing where the Ghosts will attack will makes things easier.

Hawk : Beware. There's 3 Death Saurers on the loose and they'll be right behind the Ghosts.

Drill Liger : We'll be carefull.

White Death : Hawk Wintermist. It might be in your best interests to secure Zoid EVE. Zoid EVE can singlehandedly end all Zoid life.

Cloud : Zoid EVE is best left alone. We've wasted enough time here especially with the Death Saurers around.

White Death : I'm coming with you. If you object, I'll subsume Hawk before you can fire on me.

The Ligers all look at Hawk and he throws his hands in the air.

Hawk : We don't have time to argue. Let him do as he pleases.

With that, Hawk climbs on top of Cloud and they take off heading away from the Death Saurer nest. The other Ligers follow them till they reach a valley and then veer off towards the Liger heartlands.

Back inside the Death Saurer nest, a massive explosion is heard.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I've started on a new chapter and it should be up tonight depending on how tired I am.

There's only 3 chapters left that I have planned in my head.

Hope you'll like them.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
As promised. A new chapter is up. 3 in under 2 days. Wink

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - SUPER STAR DESTROYER - SEARCHER -------------------

Once again Cloud and Hawk are on the move towards the last currently known co-ordinates of the SSDS - Searcher, but this time they have a new member in the Organiod - White Death. He was an enemy to the Zoidian council, but having allied with Hawk and Cloud, has now found himself classed as an enemy by his own people.

With time rapidly becoming an issue of life and death, every detour, stop or battle loses them more and more time. The word of the destruction of several human settlements had cast a pall over Hawk until he found out that the word to evacuate to Wankaville had reached the settlements in time for them to be empty by the time the Ghosts arrived.

However as each settlement was destroyed, their mission became even more desperate. The good news was that the revived crewmembers of Griffin, Searcher and Degaras had Griffin all, but ready to launch.

Now it was up to him, Cloud and White Death to see if Searcher can be salvaged before the evac call went out.

They race on.

Hawk : I'm starting to pick up a distress signal up ahead. Faint, but growing stronger. We must be reaching our destination.

Cloud : About bloody time. I could sleep for a week at the moment.

White Death : You have longer legs. I think mine flew off at that bloody volcano that went active as we were passing by it.

Cloud : I think that the planet is pi$$ed off with us.

Hawk : Nah. I'd say that it's the Death Saurers to blame for that. If I've heard corrctly, it was they that turned this planet into a frozen wasteland.

White Death : Yep. I was only just hatched from Zoid EVE when that occurred.

Cloud : You hatched from Zoid EVE?

White Death : Yep. If anything, I think this is going to be a lot worse than back then. I've seen all too many changes since then. The arrival of you humans has done 2 things for us Zoids. It's brought life and death.

Both Cloud and Hawk think about it and as they were about to comment, White Death talks on.

White Death : In life, you've brought about the possibility of saving the Zoidian race. In death, you've helped in the very real possibility that this planet will have a final death. In either case, we all have made our choices, including myself.

With that all of them went silent as they continue to race onwards.

Back at the SSDS - Griffin

Vandread : All repairs are complete. All repair droids and personell are to return to the ship.

Since the return of many of the original crewmembers, Vandread constantly did the additional checks that his commander had requested a long time back as well as deregister Captains Houser, Brant and Butcher. Hawk had told him to enlist Steven Marshall to lead the crew and if he couldn't make it back in time, to give Marshall command authority.
He was about to do just that when Hawk contacted him.

Hawk : Vandread. We're nearing our destination. What's your status?

Vandread : All repairs complete and all personell and droids returning to ship. Planet instability increasing. Your orders Sir?.

Hawk : Prepare to launch, but hold possition. I may need you at Searchers location. Cmdr Hawk Wintermist out.

Hawk tells Cloud and White Death the news about Griffin. As his finishes telling them, they come to the edge of a massive crater and smack, bang in the middle of it was Searcher.

They look at it in wonder.

Hawk : What the hell. It looks to be intact. This can't be right.

Cloud : What can I say. I wasn't onboard when you landed.

White Death : Was there anyone on board when it crashed?.

Hawk : Must be. Only one way to find out.

Hawk pulls out his mobile phone and calls the Searcher.

Hawk : SSDS - Searcher. This is Cmdr Hawk Wintermist commmanding officer of the SSDS - Griffin. Do you copy?.

Searcher : Brother?

Hawk : Kestral? Is that you?

Kestral : Yep. I can't believe it. You're alive?.

Hawk : I'm alive.

Hawk pinches his face and tells the others.

Hawk : My sister Cmdr Kestral Wintermist in on board Searcher.

They look at him and say nothing.

Hawk : Sis, we need to get on board Searcher. Permission to board Cmdr.

Kestral : Permission granted. Nirvana, open up for them.

Nirvana : Complying.

With that a massive door opens up on the near side of the group. Cloud and White Death quickly goes down into the crater and are soon inside the ship. Hawk gets off Cloud and finds himself tackled by sister Kestral.

Within moments, they're hugging, laughing and crying at the same time. Cloud and White Death look on.

After what seems like eternity, but was only a few minutes, they disengage and Hawk introduces Kestral to Cloud and White Death.

Hawk : Sis. There's a lot to talk about. First up, we're in a heap of sh*t. Captains Houser, Brant and Butcher have been subsomed by Organiods and are currently inside 3 massive Zoids called Death Saurers. Also the people that have settled here from the crews of the 3 ships are currently awaiting evacuation as subsumed humans called Ghosts are wiping out the settlements. Thirdly, the planet appears to be on the verge of destruction. We basically got to get everyone off planet asap.

Kestral ponders those statements, by her brother.

Kestral : How's Griffin?

Hawk : Ready to launch.

Kestral : Well, then I guess we have some work to do. Wish we had more crewmembers.

Hawk : Griffin has some Searcher crewmembers on board. Once we link up, they can transfer back here.

White Death : If the planet is going down, then I demand that Zoid EVE is brought on board one of the ships.

Cloud : What about us Zoids?.

White Death : Zoid EVE is the one thing that mustn't be destroyed. Zoid EVE is the creator of us Zoids and Organiods.

Cloud : True. In the end, we're expendable esp with the Death Saurers on the loose. Zoid EVE goes, then all Zoids on the planet will die, including the Death Saurers.

Kestral : I guess that's it then. Let's do it.

With that the conversation is ended and communications are sent out to the Zoidian council and the Griffin.

Kestral : SSDS - Searcher. Take off and rendevous with SSDS - Griffin.

Nirvana : Complying

With that after hundreds of years of being grounded, the Super Star Destroyers - Searcher and Griffin lift off.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.

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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Have started on the 2nd last chapter.

It'll be called Countdown to Destruction.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm glad you have finally continued although it had been so long since I had read the first parts that I needed to go back and re-read the whole thing. For what its worth I personally think it was worth the wait as I am thoroughly enjoying it. Can't wait to see how it all ends, keep up the good work!
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Thanks. Over the last few years, work has been getting on top of me more and more. This week, I disconnected the phone and did jack all which prevented anyone including work to contact me. I just had enough of all the stress that my personal and work life was creating.

Don't think my boss is too damn happy with that.

It was because of that, that I've been able to really get back into it. I'm enjoying this at present. Will have the next chapter up tonight.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Here's the 2nd last chapter. I know where the final chapter will finish. Just hope that I can pull it all together.

I'll work on that one tomorrow. Wink


--------------------STORM LOCKED! - COUNTDOWN TO DESTRUCTION -------------------

After rendezvousing with the Griffin, both Super Star Destroyers fly to the evacuation point at the human settlement Wankaville. When they approach the settlement, they can see a hive of activity as numerous transportation vechiles and Zoids are moving to the other domes. Once they see the approaching Super Star Destroyers, they then head towards them before stopping.

Griffin and Searcher land 5 km's from the vechiles and then the great settlement gates begin to open. A medium battlemech races out and approaches them.

Hawk, now back on the Griffin, heads down to the docks where Cloud and White Death are waiting. Hopping on top of Cloud, they head out to the battlemech.

Sean Connery : Welcome back Cmdr Wintermist. I can hardly believe what I see with my own 2 eyes.

Sean Connery exits the medium battlemech and stares at the imposing warships.

Sean Connery : Truly magnificent. As you can obviously see, the other settlements have moved here. Wasn't without problems and casualties, but the majority of them got out in time.

Hawk : Glad to hear that. Now we don't have to waste talking, so I'll make this brief. Start getting the equipment and food stores onboard first, but we'll also add a small group of evacuees at the same time. Hopefully this will help keep them under control.

Sean : I understand. How much time do we have?.

Hawk : Truthfully, I don't know. We've observed several tectonic shifts on the opposite direction of Wankaville, but it's only a matter of time that it'll start hitting here. We also have the Ghosts and the 3 Death Saurers to contend with. Again, it's only a matter of time.

Sean : Right. Let's get started then.

General Sean Connery starts giving out rapid orders for the evacuation to begin and soon several convoys are moving out of Wankaville heading to the 2 star destroyers.

Meanwhile in the Zoidian council, various Zoids from around the planet are making their own plans to save their races from destruction and formost is the safety of Zoid EVE. Many Zoids that were enemies find themselves allies with the planet now close to death. Swift Strike - the Shadow Storm Sworder, Strangler - a Gorilla Zoid, Hook - a Rock Shark, Thunder Reach and Berserker - a Genobreaker are amongst those attending.

Swift Strike : The humans are evacuating as we speak and we to must leave. However, we don't have any Zoids capable of space flight if only to secure the safety of Zoid EVE.

Strangler : True. Maybe we can ask the humans if we can get a lift?.

Thunder Reach : Possible, but we don't know how much room the humans will have left over. They might not have any room at all.

Berserker : We can always force them. After all they are only soft humans.

Hook : Those humans maybe physically soft, but they're the only ones capable to get off planet. Trying to force them won't get us anywhere.

Thunder Reach : True. Let's try to find other ways to secure our safety.

At the destroyed human settlement of Blowitoutyourarse, the Ghosts and Death Saurers are looking through the ruins to find out where the humans have fled to. Dougie Houser, Marcus Brant and Jane Butcher are amongst those looking through the mangled mess of steel, plastic and sewerage.

Dougie : Where are they?. Where have they fled?.

Marcus : Another settlement.

Jane : Out in the tundra, or even the wrecked star destroyers.

Dougie : We must find them. We must kill them. We must feed on them.

Marcus : We must try to remember what is was like to be human.

Dougie : We must feed.

Jane : Feed. Must feed.

Marcus : Food will make us know where to find them.

They turn as one to a nearby Ghost and jump on it. Soon they're tearing into and devouring it. This goes on for the rest of the day.

Back at Wankaville, the evacuation continues without stopping knowing that every second is precious.

Cloud : Things are getting hot at the Zoidian council. They're going around in circles and I'm a bit suprised that haven't been attacked by the Death Saurers yet.

White Death : They haven't even thought to contact Zoid ECO. Damn stupid of them.

Cloud : Zoid ECO?. Who's that?.

White Death : What... you don't know?.

Cloud : No. Never heard of it.

White Death : Zoid ECO is a Star Dragon Zoid. The only one left. He's freaking cosmically humungous and was responsible for transporting Zoid EVE to be brought to the planet. He's a pain in the arse, but he'll aid us if we ask.

Cloud : How do we contact him?.

White Death : Through Zoid EVE of course. Have to wake her up first.

Cloud contemplates this and then nods. He sends out the details to Thunder Reach who in turn leaves the council heading for Zoid EVE.

Cloud : Hope it works.

White Death : Same here. Hope ECO is still sane and not done something stupid like get damaged. He was having a heated discussion with himself the last time I talked to him.

The next day sees a snow hurricane heading straight for Wankaville and the evacuation goes quicker than ever. The ships are already over halfway loaded with both supplies and evacuees. The military personell are helping the regular crewmembers with the checks as people and supplies come onboard and with the Snow Hurricane approaching, they rush in as much as they can before they close the hatches.

The Hurricane hits and the earth and sky becomes one. The earth rumbles before it to begins to scream.

Thunder Reach reaches Zoid EVE within hrs of being told about Zoid ECO and finds that a blue Organiod is already there and talking to Zoid EVE. The Blue Organiod turns to face Thunder Reach as he approaches.

Thunder Reach : Organiod scum. What are you doing here?.

Blue Organiod : Just reactivated Zoid EVE's communication programs. White Death told me that someone would be coming here to talk to Zoid ECO, so I thought it best to have everything ready. I'm Librarian by the way.

Thunder Reach : I don't need to know your name traitor. Get out of the way. I need to call ECO.


Thunder Reach : WTF!!!.

Zoid EVE : You heard me. Just because I've been silent all these eons, doesn't mean I wasn't hearing your crap. Librarian is my first child. White Death my second. So now the planet is going to pot and we need to haul our metal arses off planet. Thus why you're here needing to contact ECO.

Thunder Reach : Ah .... Yes.

Zoid EVE : Don't bother. I've already contacted him. Just get the others here by this time tomorrow. Those not here by then don't exist. Now rack off and leave. Librarian, please stay. We have a lot of catching up to do.

With that Thunder Reach races back to the Zoidian council feeling deep chagrin and with him trying not to have his tail between his legs as he runs.

The snow hurricane finally ends after 2 days leaving behind a landscape that was once familiar, now totally unrecognisable. The domed settlement itself was half buried under the snow and the reason why the earth screamed became apparent. A 100km long chasm where one wasn't before the storm now starts giving off steam as molten lava starts to rise.

The remaining evacuees seeing this from Wankaville panic and soon a tidal wave of humanity races out to the 2 star destroyers as behind them the molten lava begins to pour over the top of the chasm. The hatch doors are quickly opened.

Sean Connery and all the battlemechs that were helping out with removing supplies from Wankaville, grab one last load, before they to race back to the awaiting Star Destroyers.

As the hatches close shut behind the last stragglers, both Super Star Destroyers lift off with Cloud and White Death, both wondering how the other Zoids including EVE and ECO are faring.

At Zoid EVE, the evacuation started early as the planet starts to tear itself apart. Zoid ECO grumbles about how much time it's taking for the Zoids to get in, while also holding Zoid EVE in its lower claws.

At last the last Zoids board, just as the ground starts to violently shake underneath him and he gently places Zoid EVE into a special compartment. Once inside, Zoid EVE and all the other Zoids fall asleep bar Librarian.

Zoid ECO with his cargo launches.

The Ghosts and Death Saurers go on the rampage. With the ground shaking underneath them, they charge to the Zoidian council territory only to find it deserted. They then head to the human settlement of Wankaville where they find it half consumed with lava.

Getting out Dougie, Jane and Marcus look through the intact areas and sees left behind take-away food.

Dougie : What I wouldn't give for a cheeseburger right now.

The ground opens up underneath them and they fall into another lava flow. The Death Saurers roar out their defiance as a volcano swallows them whole.

As the planet goes through its deathrows, Zoid ECO and the SSDS - Searcher and Griffin speed off as fast as possible, hoping that they'll be far enough away when the planet goes Supanova.

On Thunder's Grave, massive storms and earthquakes rock the planet as bit by bit, the gravity pressure grows till finally it all collapses.

The planet explodes and the shockwave of its destruction races out in all directions including that of the fleeing super star destroyers and star dragon zoid.

The shockwaves hits and passes by with little damage. They were safe.
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The final chapter will be up tonight. Currently working on it.

You'll be a bit suprised at how I'll start it off.Wink

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. Wink Very Happy
Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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Ruri Hoshino

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
This final chapter took a long time to do. You'll understand why when you read it.

I hope you enjoy reading this final chapter and maybe you'll reread it in future.

For me, it's been a long time coming with this series, but I'm happy with how it all played out in the end. Hopefully I've tied enough threads to keep mostly everyone satisfied.

Now go and read it. Very Happy
^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

--------------------STORM LOCKED! - THE FINAL CHAPTER -------------------

An old man and woman in crisp white Admiral's uniforms walks into the passenger lounge occupied by tourists and then look around till they see the person they were looking for. The tourists all turn and stare at them as they make their way to the unwashed, disheveled looking person standing by the boarding doors on the oposite side of the room.

They come to a stop and suddenly group hugs the young man. The crowd gasps.

Admiral Hawk Wintermist : Good to see you Sam

Sam Wintermist : Thanks grandfather.

Admiral Kestrel Marshall : Your looking well despite your appearance.
(she gives a mischevious smile)

Sam : Thanks grandmother. I didn't want to attract attention.

Hawk : I think that's a fail in my books. Everyone is going WTF with us hugging a homeless looking man.

They all laugh and the crowd steps back. The crowd is looking on with a mixture of disbelief and horror.

Kestrel : Let's get out of here.

With that the 3 of them walk back the way the 2 admirals came in from and eventually find themselves looking out over 2 old, but well maintained Super Star Destroyers from a military dining lounge. There's a few spacers playing pool and crewmembers drinking with senior officers.
Sam looks around and smiles at seeing this. He then notices people waving to him and all 3 of them walk over.

For the next 5 minutes, he's getting hugged, picked up and joked about before finally Hawk settles things down.

Hawk : It's always good when we can get the entire family in one place. However, Kestrel and I have an announcement to make.

Kestrel stands up next to her brother and faces the family.

Kestrel : We're taking the Searcher and Griffin back to Zhi and there both ships will be mothballed on the moon with ECO. When we mothball the ships, we'll officially take over as the military chiefs for the planet.

Everyone bar Sakura and Steven Marshall looked shocked.

Hawk : I know this has come as a suprise for most, but Sakura and Steve accepted our decisions without fuss. If anything, they've agreed whole heartedly.

Sam puts his hand up.

Hawk : Sam. you have something to say?.

Sam : Yeh Grandfather I do.

Sam stands up and pulls out a small data chip and shows it to everyone.

Sam : Over the last few years, I've been doing research on my grandparents Hawk and Kestrel. I've created a historical account of their academy days as well as what has become known as the Escape From Thunder's Grave and to the present. I'll be coming with you grands. I want to see this world that you landed the people and Zoids of Thunder's Grave on. Please take me with you.

Kestrel : That was our intention when we asked for everyone to come here. We want everyone to come with us to planet Zhi.

The family, still shocked for the most part all still nod, while the younger children are either crying or excited about the idea of more travelling.

They continue talking and drinking, before going off to the family appartments near the top of Genesis Station to sleep.

The next day they board the SSDS - Griffin and SSDS - Searcher for what should be the last journey of these mighty warships.

During the journey to planet Zhi, Sam manages to get his grandfather Hawk aside for what he hopes will the last piece of the bk he's writing.

Sam : Thanks grandfather for doing this.

Hawk : No problems Sam. I read the manuscript and thought it was well done. Sis on the other hand might feel slighted. Ha ha ha ha.

Sam : Thanks for the feedback. We got up to the point that Thunder's Grave exploded and everyone was safe, but what happened after that.

Hawk : Well Sam it was like this ......

At the time of Thunder's Grave going Supanova. ......

Vandread : The shockwave has passed sir. Hull sufferred no breaches and reports from Searcher report the same. No damage apparent on Star Dragon ECO.

Hawk : Thank you Vandread. Tell Searcher to alter course 35 on the eliptical. ECO should follow.

Vandread : Yes sir. Reporting to Searcher now.

Hawk opens up the command communication link that allows his voice to be heard throughout the ship.

Hawk : I'm happy to report that we have survived the death of Thunder's Grave and have just now changed course. We are now heading to the planet 234-MODDERPOCKER-000 that was our original destination prior to the attack which stranded us on Thunder's Grave. We are rationing all food and water for the journey. Any complaints, please reffer them to the conplaints terminal. Thank you for forbareance. Cmdr Hawk Wintermist, Captain of the SSDS Griffin.

Hawk signs out and passes the com to his C2 Lt cmdr Steven Marshall and leaves for some much needed rest.

Days, then weeks pass as the 2 ships and Zoid ECO travel through star system after star system, noticing that there are a lot of shipwrecks floating in space. Each wreck they pass, they notice the combat damage done to them, remembering what happened to themselves when they were forced to land on Thunder's Grave.

After 2 months travelling, the 3 vessels arrive at MODDERPOCKER and see a planet with plenty of water, but the 3 continents having a good mix of desert, grasslands and mountains. A moon appears from the far side of the planet and it is there that the 3 vessels head to.

They land on the moon and Searcher sends out drones to collect data on the planets ecology, while Griffin sends out a sensor net to help give warning if a ship in approaching. Both ships also sends out dual mining/smelting drones so that they'll have enough building materials for the new settlements.

They wait. Inside the warships, the people start to get restless, and with the planet insight, it boils out in full blown riots. The riots are put down with lethal force with the worst offenders tossed out the airlock to breathe space.

3 days later, the drones return with favourable data and then Searcher, Griffin and ECO launch to the relief of crew and civilians. ECO moves away from the 2 Super Star Destroyers and lands a good 1000 km's away from the 2 warships. Once there, he opens his chest, awakens Zoid EVE and then gently places her down near a vast desert.
Librarian gets off as well and soon Cassius, Thunders Reach and other Drill Ligers join the Organiod. They start digging while the other Zoids disembark and head to the 4 corners of the planet. Hounds and Shadow Foxes hang back and help woith the digging, while Zoid EVE watches over them

With Searcher and Griffin now landed, the massive doors to the loading docks open up and people stream out to kiss the ground and cry. White Death and Cloud stay behind watching the humans make fools of themselves. Other people start the long process of unloading the cargo and soon convoys of trucks stream out heading for sites, earlier marked for settlement.

Hawk stretches out and watches with a smile as things progress smoothly. He didn't like having to execute the worst of the rioters, not after witnessing the horrors seen on Thunder's Reach, but he did it anyway and so to did his sister Cmdr Kestrel Wintermist on Searcher.

He sighs.

Vandread : Are you okay sir?. You've sighed a total of 53 times over the last 2 days.

Hawk : I'm fine. Just glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once we unload everything, we'll stay here for at least 6 days, then leave. We have to get back to Spearpoint Station.

He calls Searcher.

Hawk : His sis. I'll be headed back to Spearpoint Station at least 6 days after the unloading is complete. My crew needs some r & r after this.

Kestrel sits down in her command chair as her brother Hawk is talking. She nods and sighs.

Kestrel : True bro, the crew does need the r & r and so do I. As for Spearpoint Station. I do agree that we need to get back there, but it's been hundreds of years. It might not even be there anymore, but if we don't go back, then I'll always be wondering what's happened since we crash landed after that attack. I think I need more than 6 days off.

Hawk : You do sound tired. Most likely as tired as I am and I'm glad that you said that 6 days wasn't long enough. I think that 6 months still might be long enough.

Kestrel chuckles at that and after some more light conversation, they sign off. She passes the com to her C2 and goes straight to bed.

Hawk passes the com to Steve and heads down to Cloud and White Death.

Cloud : SO this is our new home.

Hawk : Yes it is. The new home for Zoids and humans. I feel like stretching my legs, so I'm heading out. Care to join me.

White Death : We have been cooped up in here a long time. We're going to have to see Zoid EVE soon, but not at the moment. They're currently digging the ground in preparation for a new home for Zoid EVE. It looks a bit like your settlements, but a lot more beautifull.

Cloud : Didn't know about that, but then again, I'm a puppy compared to you, an elderly elder. You are white after all. It does go with your complexion.

White Death : Want me to rearrange your circuits kitty.

Hawk : I'm heading out before I start laughing my head off.

Cloud/White Death : Hold on. We're coming.

With that all 3 of them leave Griffin and walk on the planets surface for the first time. Overhead the sky is overcast, but that doesn't seem to matter to everyone outside.

Katie seeing Cloud coming towards them lets out a scream of pure joy and races over to them. Her scream attract the attention everyone else and they whip their heads around just as she reaches Hawk, Cloud and White Death.

Katie : HAWK!!!, HAWWWK!!.

Hawk hears her voice and turns just in time to catch a just turned 9yr old girl flying into his arms. He stares in shock for a moment and then remembers who she was.

Hawk : Katie?

Katie smiles and gives him a big hug as General Sean Connery, Annie and Sakura comes up to him. Hawk notices for the first time how beautifull Sakura is and quickly holds out his hand to Sean. Sean gives him a strong handshake while looking at Sakura in the corner of his eye. He smiles.

Sean : Really good to see you Hawk. Really good.

He turns around and gestures to the whole world.

Sean : Absolutely stunning isn't it?.

Hawk looking at Sakura agrees. Sakura starts to blush and turns away, but not before catching the eyes of both her parents and they smile at her. She blushes more.

Katie feeling left out starts calling Cloud's name and Cloud crouches down to look at her.

Cloud : Good to see you again youngling. You're doing well.

Katie : I am. Sean and Annie have adopted me. They wanted me to be their daughter and I said yes.

Cloud : Glad to hear that. We were worried for you, but also knew that leaving you in General Connery's hands was best.

The conversations continue as they start walking to different areas of the settlement. As night falls, Hawk orders Vandread to lock up and have Steve Marshall to spend some time outside.

A shuttle from Searcher arrives at Griffins shuttle bays just as Steve Marshall was about to leave the bridge. Deciding to welcome the shuttle, he leaves the bridge and arrives at the shuttle bays just as Cmdr Kestrel Wintermist was coming the oposite way.

They collide and fall down.

Steve : What the hell.
(holds his head)

He notices the Cmdr's bars on Kestrels uniform and realises who she was, helps her to her feet and salutes.

Steve : Welcome Cmdr Wintermist. I'm Lt Cmdr Steve Marshall, C2 to your brother Cmdr Hawk Wintermist.

Kestrel : You collide into me and don't say sorry esp to a woman. That deserves punishment.

She says this while eyeing him up and down and liking what she sees, gives him a smile that all but knocks him to his feet.

Kestrel : (thinks Bingo, but says out loud) Where's my brother?.

Steve : He's outside with Cloud, White Death and the Connery's. I was about to head outside for some r & r. Want to join me?.

Kestrel : Might be fun. You do know what the best form of r & r is don't you?.
(gives him another of her erotic smiles)

Steve catching on quick nods with a smile of his own and arm in arm, they head to his bedroom. They don't leave it till his shift the next day.

As the days turn into weeks, both Searcher and Griffin remain on Modderpocker and the settlements for both humans and Zoid rise up. During that time, many things happened. Zoids and Organiods came to the human settlements and partnered humans, while Hawk, Kestrel, Cloud and White Death visited Zoid EVE, before returning to the still unnamed settlements. Zoid ECO left the planet to sleep on the moon and starts digging a nest for himself.

However the biggest thing that happened was the weddings of both Hawk to Sakura Connery and Kestrel to Steven Marshall. Both weddings were done on the same day with Kestrel having hers done first because Hawk had to walk her down the aisle in their fathers place. She in turn was one of his bridesmaids with General Connery walking Sakura down the aisle. Zoids and Organiods attended the weddings and roared out as the wedding was celebrated.

Needless to say that after that, the Searcher and Griffin wasn't going anywhere for quite some time.

However after things settled down, Hawk decides it's time to head back to Spearpoint Station and after talking it over with Kestrel and their partners decide to leave in 2 days time.

During those 2 days, the crew starts rushing to complete tasks and a new name for the planet is voted on as well as what they'll be called.

Exactly 48 hrs after the announcement of their launch, both SSDS Searcher and SSDS Griffin leave the newly renamed planet Zhi and its inhabitants the Zhiodians.

Present Day

Sam : So what happened after that grandfather and what was the 2 settlements named after?.

Hawk : As for what happened after we left, you should know your history Sam. We came back to Spearpoint Station and found it long destroyed and then we found ourselves in a war that we didn't know nothing about. We found out barely in time and then had to ruthlessly crush it. Then the scattered human settled worlds came back into the fold and eventually rebuilt Spearpoint Station. The military had been put through the mincer and was in a shocking state. Kestrel and I rebuilt it pretty much from the ground up.
(he stops to reminisce suprised at how much he can still recall)

Sam : So the war ended and you and grandmother rebuilt the military and here we are?.

Hawk : There was a lot of upheaval on nearly all the worlds for a long time after the war ended. It's only been since you were born that people really started healing from the scars of hundreds of years of war. I'm thankfull that Zhi avoided all that.

Sam : Talking about that, you still haven't told me what the 2 settlements were named.

Hawk : You have to wait and see Sam. Now I think it's time for bed. Sakura will proberly be in with a stun gun if I'm not there soon.

Sam and Hawk gets up and as they say their goodnights, Hawk looks back and smiles.


At the recently built shipyard on the moons surface, the 2 Super Star Destroyers rest locked in their cradles. As Hawk prepares to leave the bridge for the last time, he reminisces about all the times over the long years, where this was like a second home.

Hawk : Goodnight, sleep tight Vandread. May you always rest in peace.

A blinking light on the main command console catches his eye. He looks at the message now glowing on the console and he smiles at it, then turns around and leaves the bridge. He reaches the rest of his family and they all head down to the planets surface.

Upon landing, they're met by a middle aged woman Cloud, White Death and a young woman in her early twenties. The middle aged woman rushes into Hawks arms.

Katie : Hello Hawk.
(she smiles with tears rolling down her eyes)

Hawk : Hello Katie. Did you miss me?.

Katie : Yep. Sure did.

Hawk : Good to see you can Cloud, White Death. You haven't aged a bit.

Cloud : I have and I feel it and so does White Death though he won't admit it.

Katie re-introduces her daughter Hallie who they met before and then they turn around and head out the reception area. Sam finding himself drawn to Hallie asks the question that's been bugging him for the entire trip.

Sam : Hallie. Can you tell me the settlements that my grandparents founded.

Hallie smiles mischeviously while linking her arm into his.

Hallie : I'll tell you under one condition.

Sam : What's that?.

Hallie : Simply. You'll have to screw me day and night to find out. AND I'll only let you do me if you marry me.

With that Hallie starts to laugh like crazy while still holding his arm tight and him looking at his family giving him a thumbs up.

During the course of his life with Hallie, he did find out the names of the settlements and he too understood why the names are both a secret and a whole other story.

Motorcycling - You don't need an excuse to ride, but you need an excuse not to ride.

When travelling, set no limits. Just experience it, live the moment and enjoy the ride.
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